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Condo rec\'s/safe restaurants for Maui (Wailea)

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Hi all,

We're thinking about a trip to Maui with the kids next year, and are looking for recommendations on a good condo with cooking facilities. Will probably stay in Wailea, but open to other good ideas for Maui.

DW and I went to Maui once before, but it was pre-kids, so we don't have any experience in vacationing there with DS (PA/TNA). Kids are 8 and 5, so want to have proximity to fun things for them to do as well.

Also, if you've had any good experiences with Maui restaurants, I'd appreciate those recommendations as well.


On Dec 17, 2005


We just went to Maui & Oahu with kids (11&9) this past summer. On Maui, we rented an estate in Lahania, near Front Street (quite pricey, but we were with additional family). Kids loved that area, all the little shops, etc. However, we never eat out (me shellfish allergies, son macadamia, PA, and tree nuts). One thing I can tell you about the food shopping... couldn't find a single brand of bread that I use here on the mainland - all local stuff. So we stuck to crackers :-) Also, all the groceries were quite expensive there, and the produce was surprisngly wilted looking.

Also... have you ever been to Oahu? I ask, because my kids unanimously agreed that they liked Oahu 100x better than Maui. Better beaches (white sand), and more kid-friendly activities to do. If you're interested in Oahu, I can give you a lead on an immaculate condo we rented. The place was SPECTACULAR - in Ko Olina - with all the reef protected lagoons. It was awesome!!!

On Dec 22, 2005


We've not been to Oahu, so we would consider that option as well. DW would be interested in hearing more about your experience there and your lead on the condo, so please post or feel free to e-mail us off-line (my e-mail is in my profile).


On Dec 22, 2005

I'll send you an email. With some pics :-)

On Jan 8, 2006


Thanks for the info. Oahu, here we come [img][/img]

On Mar 14, 2006


I was lucky enough to grow up in Hawaii, all the islands are different so you should consider what you would like to do when visiting, all islands have great hiking, amazing views from Haleakala (Maui), as well as any other mountain or crater trails. For varied terrain in a short distance you might be interested in Volcanos Nat'l Park. Caution: elevation can make if hard to breath if you do go up Haleakala, and on the active volcano on the Big Island, there are steam vents that have sulfur so that can also cause respiratory distress. We traveled with our toddler and did not want to hike, just go to the beach everyday and see whales so we picked Maui. It was a good fit for us.

If you are still considering Maui, we rented a condo in Kihei, about 10 minutes north of Wailea and about 1/4 the cost. The place was called Maui Sunset, I think it's all private owners who either live there, or rent it out year round. It's on the ocean, you could see whales from the beach, and there is a nice pool, shuffleboard, barbeque pits - which we never used for our allergic person, but cooked for the rest. and of course, every evening, you could see the most beautiful Maui sunset. (When he was being tested for school readiness this year, my 4 1/2 yo son was asked "where does the sun set", and he replied "in Maui".)

Other the other hand, Oahu is a very nice place to be. Lots to offer, but faster than Maui. If you get a chance, and if your kids are old enough to walk it on their own, you should consider hiking up Diamond Head crater to the observation point at the peak. They used it to watch for the Japanese during WWII. Then there is the Arizona Memorial and the battleship Missouri. We will be visiting Oahu soon and I will be interested to see what we can find to eat there, besides our personal trinity of McDonalds, KFC, and PIzza Hut.

See you on the beach!

On Mar 15, 2006

Wish I was going. We've been to Hawaii a couple of times, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, the Big island. We mostly stay at timeshares, so buy our own groceries and cook. When we stay/eat at hotels, DD has to be careful, altho' she has only been TNA when we were there.(PA now.) She is only ingestion reactive, but only once had any trouble - at a very nice seafood restaurant. She wanted dessert, we asked the waiter to check the ingredients, he said it was okay. DD took one bite, said 'I think there's nuts in this'. The waiter admitted there were almonds on the list (she is almond allergic), but they 'were way down at the end'. We were not impressed. DD was fine. We like Maui and the Big Island the best - slower-paced. Lots of good beaches. We have the Frommer's travel guide for Hawaii, and there's lots of good hints on where to go, where to find good food, beaches, what's worth seeing and what isn't. Have fun.

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