Concise List of Safe Salad Dressings

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My PA son is now eating salad, and I need to develop a concise list of SAFE SALAD DRESSINGS. His caregivers at church have requested a comprehensive list because they are preparing a banquet and want it to be a safe environment. They're being absolutely wonderful, but I don't know how to start. The information is getting very confusing. We've used Hidden Valley Ranch with no apparent problems, but now I'm reading that there are possible problems with HV products. I see that some of you are using Kraft dressings successfully. However, when I called Kraft last winter, the representative said they could not guarantee that their products were peanut free because they do not label for cross contamination between production lines. Do any of you know anything further? Or have you developed your own safe lists? Thanks for your help!

On Mar 5, 2003

We have used Hidden Valley Original Ranch for several years w/o a problem. I spoke to Lily's and their dressings are supposed to be safe. My son has had them on a rare occasion w/o a problem. I eat them regularly and he has not had a problem being around it.