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Hi! I'm getting ready to have a new baby next Tuesday and I know that after we get home there will be a ton of visitors. My 1 year old son is PA. Normally I hate having company because of his PA, but I think I always take the proper precautions by asking people to take off their shoes, wash their hands and ask if they've eaten peanuts/nuts that day. Am I over reacting to do this? I feel like I won't have as much control because I'll have a newborn plus my 1 year old. I feel like I'll be watching him closer than the baby, although I'm sure everyone will want to get their hands on the baby. Any ideas on how to relax or should I continue to keep my guard up? I keep telling myself this is his house and safe place, so I don't think I should change anything. Any input? Hopefully this post makes sense! Thanks! Julie

On Jul 31, 2006

Put a sign on your door! We do so when we know people are coming who might be bearing food. Something politely worded, but clear, serves as a strong reminder to folks entering your home.

Verbal reminders over the phone work well too, and stagger your visitors so you do not get too worn out. Good luck!

On Jul 31, 2006


E-mail also works wonderful for this issue. I have used it numerous times as a reminder....Please remember that emily has a life threatening allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. Her home is a safe place, therefore no nuts are allowed in it. Please make sure to check your purses and diaper bags, as we sould not want her to accidentally ingest something that could make her deathly ill......

If you do any type of e-mailed birth announcement/picture, you could add something like this along with a welcome to come and visit.

good luck

On Jul 31, 2006

I too, was going to say to put a note on the door. And maybe have your DH or another person designated to greet your visitors at the door and also to gently remind them of the nature of the visit is not only to see the new baby, but to keep the 'big brother' safe while he's showing off his little sibling.

Best of luck to you .... try to relax and enjoy the moment as best you can, I know it isn't always easy....hugs.

On Aug 1, 2006

In addition to the great ideas above, surely people are going to wash their hands anyway before holding your baby, right?

So you should have that peace of mind.

On Aug 1, 2006

When my mom's group asked about bringing food, I asked them not to due to allergies. They offered to bring gift certificates for safe places instead but I declined. Instead I stocked up about 25 meals ahead of time in my freezer and had this as an excuse as why I didn't need the food anyhow. Everyone respected my wishes.

I would also put up the sign...that way they don't have to *remember* something you told them previously. PA isn't on the top of everyone's priority list the way it's on ours.


On Aug 1, 2006


There's no way to not see it when you enter. people always make mention of it when they see it for the first time.

and make a point to bring up in conversations those little things about PA that make people go- "OMG I never even thought about that!" Like sources of contact reactions, cross contaminations- KISSING WHEN YOU"VE EATEN PEANUT PRODUCTS. It really works. and then when they come to your home and see the signs- they tend to recall the past conversations with you.

and don't feel shy or scared to just ask them if they have eaten or prepared anything- people will get used to it after awhile. and whats more stressful? asking people when they come "have you eaten peanut, would you mind washing up?" or worrying for their entire visit that they've got peanut on their hands or mouth- that they are going to touch your children, that every single surface in your house is going to have to be washed because you have no idea what they touched, is your kid going to have a reaction? talk about stress!! I'll be straight forward about it and say "I have to ask cuz if I don't I'll be worrying about it all day" People understand. I even have extra toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste (travel size) on hand at all times just in case people have eaten something peanut. I don't ask this of people all the time- just if I think they are going to be in close contact or kissing my PA dd. I've even asked parents to brush their young child's teeth if they tell me they've just eaten peanut. ya know how young kids are about putting everything into their mouths!

Small story to bring home the importance of being open about people cleaning up after peanut: We asked our church to go peanut free- my PA dd is only 2 and contact sensitive. My pastor is totally behind it. He did some research on his own and admitted that every am he eats PB toast and licks his fingers clean. Now he specifically remembers to wash up (we have signs on entryways there too to remind people- especially him [img][/img]) One time even after the church went peanut free- dd ended up with a few hives during the sermon, so we left the church in a rush. He noticed (sometimes its good to make a scene [img][/img]) He was really concerned- he understands how unpredictable rxns can be. So the next week, without any prompting from us, he made an amazing announcement reminding people to wash up and be careful. I cried, really!

for me, when I educate, I'm not only advocating but [i]recruiting[/i] an advocate. KWIM? I try to [i]enlist[/i] the help of others, let them know I need [i]their[/i] help to keep dd safe.

On Aug 1, 2006

just one more note of encouragement. I have 3 kids. 7, 2 and 16 mos.

2 yr old was dx at Xmas time with PA. It was difficult to deal with the stress of PA when you've got other children to take care of. I was also going through rough PPD.

My best advice- just be honest about your stress with everyone. Don't keep your worries to yourself. Just let everyone know- this is the deal, we have to be careful in this house, please wash up. In the end, it will be less stress for you. Maybe even discuss with DH that you want to be straightforward about it. Don't stress over being polite and not wanting to make a big deal. If you're just matter of fact and up front about it then you don't have to stress about it. And knowing that everyone is cleaned up will keep your house a "safe" place which is sooooo relaxing, KWIM?

Its all about making things safe for your child and less stressful for you. Nothing else. you are not overeacting at all- you're doing what you have to to keep him safe and yourself calm. GOOD FOR YOU!!