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I just found and I am very happy to have the chance to talk with others in the PA community. I am curious how every deals with PA children playing on public equipment and common toys at YMCA's, gyms etc. I am thinking about approching all these types of places in our community to ask them to enforce more stringent rules about eating and washing. Any other suggestions on an approch to these types of situations.

On Nov 17, 2002

Welcome! We have been extremely fortunate that we have not had any problems with contact reactions, or any reactions at all from play grounds, gym classes, etc. My daughter will be 8 next month and has been able to fully participate in both indoor and outdoor activities. I try to have as safe an environment as possible - and I am not very comfortable when I actually see kids eating pb & j at parks, etc. But, now that so much time has passed and Leah has been reaction free, I am a lot less concerned. It also helps that she is old enough to understand about her allergies, etc. It's hard when they are little toddlers running around who will probably eat anything they pick up, or anything another child hands them. I think talking with the people who are in charge of the places you frequent is a great idea. Maybe you could bring them some literature (you will find tons of it here!) about the increasing prevalence of pa and the seriousness of it. Good luck. You will probably find some people who will be supportive and bend over backwards to make the environment as safe as possible for your son. If you are like many of us, you may also encounter those people who will think you are totally over reacting and that you should just keep your son home. I hope you get lucky! All the best to you, Miriam