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The recent issue of the allergy & asthma network/mothers of asthmatics newsletter, april 1999, talks about asthma & allergy awareness month(may). The estimate is that 5 million children in the US have asthma. Many of these are certainly food allergic. May 5th was the second annual asthma awareness day on capital hill(washington, d.c.)The stated goal was to learn more about the national and personal impact of asthma & allergies in the US & the serious issues that face school administrators, parents, & children. One of their major concerns is the right of children to carry prescribed inhalers at school. They state that the delay can be deadly. Isn't this even more the case with peanut anaphylaxis? I would argue that you have LESS time after peanut exposure than an asthma attack. It is not that I don't believe asthma is a serious condition, but epi-pens can not be locked up in an office. The analogy I have heard is locking up a child's glasses, to be used only when they really need them. Another concern they have is "The urgent need for more school nurses nationwide". With the increase in asthma, food allergies, allergic disease & mainstreaming of children with special needs I believe it is one of our group's common goal as well. With continuing education needed for epi-administration,& food allergy more school nurses could be helpful. The Allergy & Asthma Network/Mothers of Asthmatics can be reached at 2751 Prosperity Avenue, Suite 150, Fairfax, VA 22031 or 800-878-4403