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Posted on: Fri, 01/27/2006 - 1:23pm
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Does anyone know if the research that is being done on Peanut Allergies ever involves looking for "common denominators" among those in a study group? You have to wonder why the numbers of peanut-allergic children have doubled in the last 5 years... Does anyone have any answers or any guesses?? I would think that families of children w/these allergies must have racked their brains wondering why --and I wonder what they/you have come up with.. In the very very short time I have suddenly become a "member," (ie, related to a PA child), I can't stop thinking about it and agonizing over it...Have there been any published studies done? Has anyone read any of these? I would love to see what kind of criteria they include-- For example, have parents in the last 5 years practiced cleanliness to an extreme-- ie, could there possibly be a disadvantage to using anti-bacterial products frequently? Are the parents vegetarians? etc etc...Thankyou for any info any of you can provide.

Posted on: Thu, 10/25/2007 - 3:25am
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I guess that is a question we all have. I am friends with a few other mothers of PA children and none of us seem to have that ONE THING in common. I wish we could come up with something, just have not stumbled upon anything yet.
Every once and awhile, I google phrases like 'common denominators for peanut allergies' and you would be surprised at the number of articles out there. I suggest trying to google that stuff. Also look around on these boards, I have found so much useful information. Try the LINKS page.
Good luck.

Posted on: Thu, 10/25/2007 - 1:23pm
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I have a suspicion that the cause of my son's PA is overuse of antibiotics. He had severe earaches caused by enlarged tonsils. Doctors no longer automatically take them out. They rather give a 3 month course of antibiotics which destroy all bacteria (good and bad) in the intestines. Even if your child was not on such a treatment, antibiotics can be found in milk and meat. This theory would also explain the difference between the developed western countries and the developing ones....

Posted on: Fri, 10/26/2007 - 1:54am
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Interesting. My son came home from the hospital on round after round of antibiotics.
Worth looking into.

Posted on: Mon, 10/29/2007 - 8:38pm
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many are european, not a lot of allergies in the third world.
also worth noting that british asian children are amoung the fastest growing group of allergic children. They also are getting the severe allergies, often dairy and nut allergic.
So environment, and life style do play a part in this picture, but the denominators are vast, and in a sea of them , what do you pick out as a main cause?
antibiotics MAY be a cause, as is lack of worms in our guts!!

Posted on: Mon, 02/25/2008 - 12:52pm
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My daughter has never had oral antibiotics (she's almost 2 1/2), she had an antibiotic injection of Rocephin when she was 10 months old. I have a thought.....genetically modified foods. They were introduced widespread in 1996. The main crops that are genetically modified are: soy (and yes, even soy-based baby formula), corn, cotton (they derive vegetable oil from this), and potatoes. In European countries, they are required to have a warning label on all genetically modified foods. European countries have also banned the growth hormone that milk contains (rBGH) due to its undeniable correlation with increased breast and prostate cancers. However, it continues to be allowed in the US and no one even gives it a second thought. Just do a google search on genetically modified foods and you'll find a SLEW of info.
I first discovered this info on, just days after my daughter's diagnosis. My daughter was breastfed for her entire first year, has no history of asthma, eczema, or other food allergies (that we know of), or allergies of any sort, so I was racking my brain trying to come up with some sort of reasoning. I discovered some alarming statistics on that web site and did some further research on my own. I truly think that the statistics are not "just coincidence". All autoimmune diseases are increasing at alarming rates, along with all sorts of food allergies. I'm sure most of you have been on already, but I encourage you to do some research of your own. You'll be shocked. Check out and in the search bar, type in "genetically modified foods".
Sorry this turned out to be so long. Just thought it's some interesting info. We've gone organic---at least mostly, but it's hard to go organic since they have such a higher chance of cross contamination w/ peanuts in their processed foods. Gotta be on our toes!!!

Posted on: Mon, 04/21/2008 - 4:32pm
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I agree with you about antibiotics! My daughter has a PA and type 1 diabetes. She developed the type 1 diabetes as soon as we started a course of Z-pack. She was only 2 years old. I've ALWAYS felt that the antibiotic has something to do with her type 1 diabetes diagnosis I feel the antibiotic destroyed her islet cells in her pancreas that make insulin. She was FINE until taking that Z-pack! The doctors won't admit it but if you search the internet there is evidence that antibiotics can cause liver, and renal failure. There are lawsuits against drug companies for deaths from antiobiotics. Most people don't realize how strong and dangerous antibiotics really are.They are over prescribed and should only be used when absolutely necessary. Many doctors give them out like candy to patients when they really don't need them. It's sickening!
I wouldnt doubt one bit that it can cause many problems including food allergies.

Posted on: Thu, 04/24/2008 - 11:32pm
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Anyone consider the vaccines we give our kids - everyone has had them and no one has really tested them.
Just one of the articles that i have found

Posted on: Tue, 04/29/2008 - 12:24pm
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Hi, My son is pa, he never had antibiotics. I think its was the HIP vaccine and my breast feeding while I ate peanuts(told not to worry about pa)no family history. I read an article from a mom(from the web)about the HIP vaccine & Peanuts having the same protein make up. He was always sick after that shot with fever rash and cranky and his face and neck was always rashed up!!! My pediatrician says no way but she said that about peanuts while breast feeding. My ds also used nestle Good start (at eight months)and that has coconut oils in it.

Posted on: Wed, 06/04/2008 - 8:18am
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lets throw in formula as well!
every new type of formula is tested on babies. no other form of animal testing is legally required.
generations of people have been brought up on cows milk, rather than human milk.
I mean, think about it , BSE in human form was started because farmers brought cows feed that was made from other animals, chickens, so a veggie animal was fed another animal.
in early formula years, it was simply evaporated milk with extra sugar.
The formula that was invented to save babies lives worked, but it was still the norm for other babies to be breastfed.
formula in the 60s contained salt, a well know brand tested a selection of their formula, on babies, and only removed the salt after a sudden crop of kidney failures in these infants.
I know a woman who has a brother on this new test of formula, he lost a kidney.
Some years ago , peanut oil was in formula, then replaced with beef oils but in the UK in the BSE heights this was changed for another type of oil.
the content of all formulas do vary from country to country, and whats cheaps as poss, to get the profit.
omega oils are now being added, and there have been studies on omegea oils, but all are inconclusive, add the fact that most omega oils are derrived from fish, and we are introducing fish rather early in infant life.
lets toss in that ole favourite theory........................The hygeine one.
well , to really avoid your child developing allergies, is to be less hygeinic,
that means shoving lots of the farm animals 'brown' stuff, before and after getting preganant.
once you have had baby , you must dip them in it or get close contact with farm animals.
However this doesnt apply to all farm animals, pigs are a no , no.
pig farmers have an odd high level of asthma, and they havent worked out why this is....................
every generation is used as a human testing zone, from food, to environment, to medical seems that for every positive in life there is a opposite side of that coin. Allergies seem to be it, but ....................whooping cough,measles, and other diseases are just as life threatening.
So? who can tell.
the real question is not what the allergies are, but why we are triggered to have the ultra sensitive immune systems, why are they working so well?
when does that flip switch in the womb start?
and then again, who is to say that a certain level of allergies are always there in humans?..............after all its still only reletively recently that the western world has had such a low rate of infants deaths.
For all those that say they have no allergies in the family, how many babies from a generation or so ago died before the true cause was diagnosed?.
Anaphylaxis wasnt termed anaphylaxis from food until the 1919's
skin prick tests, not until the 1960s.
earliest recorded death from anaphylaxis was an eygtion king, who was stung by a hornet.
and asthma was recored in 10 century, but monk, who had a severe problem with his straw stuffed mattress.
so how can we even begin to move forward? we are part of evolution..............perhaps allergies are part of that.

Posted on: Thu, 10/14/2010 - 8:38am
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There HAS been breakthrough treatment and cause for the rise in the peanut allergy. Scientists call it The Hygene Effect. Some time ago, an official of some kind (I don't have very specific details about that) was curious to know why the south wasn't picking up the pace, doing it's part. They had come across as lazy. So, this man went down south to understand why the south was slowing. He spoke with some locals. The were all lethargic and considerably pale, and soon he came to a conclusion; They were anemic. Tests were conducted and many were diagnosed with an intestianal parasite called Hookworm. The next step was to see what could be done to prevent this in the future. So, they treated southerners for Hookworm, which was an incredibly easy task, and discovered that Hookworm entered through the foot, but exited through fecal matter...So they asked. It went something like this, "When you go, where do you do it?" And the answer was usually something like, "Right over there by that tree." "When you go, do you wear any shoes?" And the answer was usually no. So there you have it, it was an endless cycle of Hookworm. Further tests concluded that Hookworm could travel up to a foot a day but only for three days. Toilets were installed, handsoap became extremely popular, and hookworm almost completely disappeared from the US, only left remaining in the third-world countries where everyone was too poor for either shoes or toilets. And then came about the peanut allergy, asthma, MS and various other diseases and allergies that had scarcely existed before, which were then labelled "modern diseases" like so many of us are guessing, bringing up words like "evolution" and "inevitable". So when Jasper Lawrence heard that hookworm could cure allergies, he was positive that someone must be selling them, it cured life-threatening diseases, who woudn't sell it? So he looked and looked but found nothing. Can you guess why? It's not FDA approved. But it is proven, and it safe; the only recorded side-effects mild and temporary, including stomach pains, and possible anemia which is the main scare from hookworm. But what is hookworm? It's just that, a tiny worm that lives in your intestine and basically feeds off of you. And this might sound disgusting and scary, but here's what I really wanted to tell you: hookworm essentially flicks off that little switch that makes your immune system attack your body. It's called immunotherapy. We've done it hundreds of years unknowingly, co-evolving with these worms. So essentially, we've become too clean, too used to the idea that nothing should 'infect' us that we've ridded ourselves of things that could potentially save our lives. Go to the site and read all the information and decide for yourself, I heard it on RadioLab, which is also amazing =) haha. Well here's the link: You'll find all you need to know about it. Hope this help some of my fellow allergy sufferers!!!


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