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Posted on: Wed, 01/27/1999 - 8:24am
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I emailed [email][/email] about an email he sent me in Dec. about hydrolyzed Plant Protien, He suggested I post my letter because I brang up topics that need to be discussed, so here is my letter in it's entirerty:

So sorry for not getting back to you sooner I have not checked email in so long,anyways I heard about Hydrolyzed Plant Protein from my sons allergist 2 years ago, he informed me that it was made with peanut oil, I asked about Hydrolized Soya Protien, and he said that it is made without peanut oil, I watch my labels, but I have noticed that some companies are changing their listings on the whole hydrolyzed protien and listing the ingrediants in the protiens, I don't let my son have anything with peanut oil, nuts of any kind, hydrolyzed plant or soya protien, I write companies when I have a concern, I don't let him have a product that is made on the same line as a product made with nuts, example would be ritz crackers, But I don't worry about restaurant food, as much as some parents do, For instance, Mcdonalds I find safe, but my son has never had chinese food, You have the best site on the web for information, I do find some of the posters a little to worried about outside influences, like never letting their child have food made outside the home, I think you have to learn to let go, let your child expeirance life, tell them the truth, and hope they will be able to watch out for themselves, After all we will not always be there. Sorry this is so long, ask an allergist, they for the most part have good answers, not just a pediatrician, but a specialist in allergies, regards, Mrs. C. Williamson

Just a side note or 2, my son is 8, he enjoys ice cream and doughnuts from Tim Hortons, Maybe Canada is diffrent, but Dairy Queen has the peanuts on the lowest possible shelf, and it is kept away from all the other foods, and gloves are worn for every new customer, Tim Horton's doesn't use nuts in anything, Mcdonalds is a well known company, they use no nut in any foods, there are supposed to be no nuts on the premises. Cathy

Posted on: Wed, 01/27/1999 - 10:50am
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<p>The FDA requires the source of the hydrolyzed plant protein to be declared. </p>
<p>The following info. I received from the FDA in regards to Labeling:</p>
<p>The regulation requiring declaration of the food source of protein hydrolysates is contained in the book of regulations "Title<br />
21, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 100 to 169" (21 CFR 100-169) at<br />
21 CFR 102.22. Also, each ingredient (including peanuts) must be<br />
declared by specific common or usual name. The ingredient labeling regulation is 21 CFR 101.4.</p>
<p>Information following this paragraph will help you to access this and other FDA regulations by internet through the FDA Homepage<br />
at:<br />
[url=""][/url]<br />
Information to purchase the book of regulations (21 CFR<br />
100-169)<br />
is contained at the end of this message.</p>
<p>Access Regulations by Internet</p>
<p>(1) Access [url=""][/url]</p>
<p>(2) Click on "Index" button (in blue column on left of<br />
<p>(3) Click on "R to Z" (near top of page) to access<br />
<p>(4) Click on "Regulations" to link to the homepage of the<br />
National<br />
Archives and Records Administration at address:<br />
<p>(5) Scroll down and click on "Retrieve CFR sections by<br />
<p>(6) Enter regulation number in boxes (Title, Part, and<br />
Section)<br />
e.g., to access the regulation 21 CFR 101.22, enter the<br />
number<br />
"21" (without quotation marks) in the "Title" box, enter<br />
"101"<br />
(without quotation marks) in the "Part" box, and enter "22"<br />
(without quotation marks) in the "Section" box, and click<br />
the<br />
"Retrieve" button.</p>
<p>Purchase 21 CFR 100-169</p>
<p>The book "21 CFR 100-169" and other books of regulations<br />
may be<br />
purchased with your major credit card by telephone from<br />
the U.S.<br />
Government Bookstore in Washington, DC (telephone<br />
202-512-1800)<br />
or from a regional branch office located near you. The<br />
addresses and<br />
telephone numbers of the Regional Branches are listed on<br />
the<br />
homepage of the U.S. Government Printing Office at: </p>
<p>[url=""][/url] </p>
<p>========================================<br />
David Thorpe, FDA Industry Activities Staff--foods and<br />
cosmetics<br />
Telephone: 1-202-205-5251<br />
E-mail address: [email][/email]<br />
Summaries of new regulations and press releases are<br />
contained on<br />
the FDA Homesite at [url=""][/url] </p>
<p>- - - - - - - -<br />
- - - - - - -</p>
<p>Follow Ups:</p>

Posted on: Wed, 01/27/1999 - 11:16am
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<p>Just a caution note. Tim Hortons do carry nut products. There is one in Toronto that is nut free. I guess you just have to ask the manager first.</p>

Peanut Free Store

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