Posted on: Fri, 07/02/1999 - 2:47am
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I am submitting a proposed bill to the Colorado legislators that would require school districts in colorado to:
stop serving peanuts on their menu's (not stop kids from bringing it to school),
setup a peanut free zone for lunch
allow children to carry the epi pen.

I need other parents in colorado, that are fighting school districts, to contact me. I need names of other kids, in Colorado, that have a peanut allergy, the legislators need to know I am not the only one.

We need to help each other help our kids.

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/1999 - 4:33am
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that sounds like a great idea. Please post your proposal so others in other states can do the same. I am in NY. Where do we begin? Do we start with our local congressman or further up? Thanks for the info.

Posted on: Fri, 08/06/1999 - 5:04am
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Hi Connie,
We live in Colorado Springs. Brady is only 2 so we have not come up against the school system yet..but are concerned about the time coming. So,Brady is allergic to peanuts if that will help at all. Tammy

Posted on: Thu, 05/04/2000 - 4:51am
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I spent most of last year drafting a bill with a Colorado legislator to require public school districts to deal fairly with kids that have life threatning allergies. At the last minute she pulled her support with no explaination.
I am now working on making this a ballot issue for November. I am in the petition stage. We have to have 80,000 signatures before aug 7th. Anybody in Colorado that is willing to help would be more than welcome. Please send me an email at [email][/email]

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