College Vending Machines


I was so happy when Ricky's college counselor ask for a list of peanut products and they would try to remove them from the vending machines. I made a list of all I could think of. They marked all off but three. Now they have more peanut products than they used to have. Sometimes it seems like you hit a brick wall for no reason. They suggested he wear a mask or something to avoid airborn reactions.

On Jan 26, 2001

vending machines are usually owned and maintained by outside services and the organization renting them has very little control over what goes into them. If your son does not purchase products from the machines I am not sure why he would be affected by them?

On Jan 26, 2001

My son has reactions to smell. When someone eats peanut in the same room he will get sick. If he can leave the room and take benadryl he will usually be OK, but he will have breathing problems and his throat may bother him for a few days. He does take his epi with him now. During the spring he only had three reactions in his classes. They did ask everyone in his classes to avoid peanuts before or during class, but sometimes people forget. Most people are pretty considerate of his allergy problems.

On Jan 28, 2001

My children are not college age, but I do have a vending story to share. My husband bought some Skittles for our children out of a vending machine at the movies. I tried to stop him explaining that the people who fill the machines don't care what product was in the machine before they simply refill it. He thought i was being paranoid. My daughter put what she thought was a Skittle in her mouth and spit it right back out saying it tasted funny. Unfortunately she had put a Reeses Pieces in her mouth and it was in long enough to cause a reaction. It was a very frightening time for us.

On Jan 29, 2001

Lisa, I would NEVER purchase a product from a vending machine that doesn't sell them individually wrapped! Fortunately most of those type machines in my area just sell toys and/or gumballs. THere are a few I have seen that sell nuts as well but your post is a great reminder for those who consider buying where things are not individually wrapped.

Batty, Sometimes if you can catch the person who stocks the individually leased machines you can ask that they choose certain items but there is no guarantee they will do that all the time (unless of course the college itself owns the machine and has full control over the stocking). Does your son live on campus? Perhaps you could ask that the machine be moved to another part of the building away from his dorm and/class? good luck.