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Hi everyone. My 10 1/2 year old son is PA and TNA. I've spent lots of hours reading but have never posted before. I am looking for help with a college class presentation. I will be "teaching" my classmates about food allergies and am looking for any "reaction" photos anyone would like to share. Of course the pictures will NOT have names on them; I just want to "show" what a "reaction" looks like. As we all know, seeing is believing. If you can help please email me. Thank you very much.

On Sep 21, 2006

wish i had some for you but i've never had the presence of mind during a reaction to take photos. i think photos of anaphylaxis would be very helpful in helping others visualize what a serious food allergy can do.

On Sep 22, 2006

Wow (edited) you really went thru a lot. My heart goes out to you and your family. I'm glad you're OK now. Like you joeybeth, I wish someone would have taken picture, or better yet, video of my son when he almost died from anaphylaxis. Of course filming is the last thing on our minds. I did get a few pictures from Jennifer, thank you very much. I'll keep searching.

Have a safe weekend!

On Sep 22, 2006

This link may be helpful... [url=""][/url]

On Sep 22, 2006

Hello, well I do have some photos of my daughter from 3 different occasions. If you would like to see them let me know where to send them and I will gladly do so. I always try to get pictures when I can so I can show everyone how bad the reaction was each time she has one.

On Sep 22, 2006

Thank you 2BusyBoys. I'll look at the link as soon as I finish this.

hollyrey I'd love to receive your photos. I think if you click on the little paper and pencil thingy at the top of this it automatically will take you to my email. I will also post it right here if it's OK to do.


Thank you again!

On Sep 23, 2006

You're right if I click the envelope icon I could send you an email directly but I don't have my outlook set up right now since I recently moved I only use my hotmail right now, Anyway I sent you an email I'm not sure what it will say but its an online album from walmart, so let me know if you get them. I hope they'll work for you.

On Sep 24, 2006

Thank you hollyrey, I got 'em! Your poor baby! I hope she never has to go through that again.