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Hi. I'm new to the board and am actually procrastating a little bit. I was just wondering if there were any other college kids who have had this allergy all their lives like me. Everyone still thinks I'm odd when I tell them I am allergic to peanuts and even my roommate forgets time to time and brings back a jar of peanut butter from the store. I had to politely tell a friend's girlfriend why I couldn't accept the Christmas butterfingers she gave me! [img][/img]

Oh well! That's life! But, I'd love to make some friends who have the same allergy as me!

Kim Webb

On Jan 27, 2000

Hi Kim

I'm not at college myself, but I'm only 21, and I understand completely how you feel. I imagine we'll be reminding people our whole lives about the allergy! You can't blame others though, I'm sure if the situation were reversed, I'd forget about someone else's allergy from time to time. I can't tell you the number of people who have given me a gift which contained nuts, as you say, that's life. But after doing it once, nobody makes that mistake again (usually because I make them feel guilty about "trying to kill me"!!). I do take my allergy seriously - there's no other way about it - but I tell other people about it in a matter-of-fact, even light hearted way. I have found that people tend to think I'm being dramatic when I give them the hard sell first time around and don't believe me, but if you give them time to get used to it, and they see you constantly checking labels, asking waiters etc, then they start to understand it better. Well, I'm afraid that was a bit of a ramble on my part, sorry! Keep checking this site though, you will gain a lot of very valuable information from it.

Stay safe


On Jan 27, 2000

I totally understand how you both feel. I'm in University right now and for the first time I'm living off campus. Luckily for me, my room mates are really great about it. We go do our shopping together and they always check the ingredients. Every chance I get, I remind my friends about the allergy and most of the people are really considerate of it. Never in my life has anyone ever tried to stick a peanut butter sandwich in my face or anything. I don't know if you both are from the States but, here in Toronto they have major media blitzes about Peanut Allergies and I think people are really catching on. Once people know that death is possible, they usually catch on really fast!

On Jan 27, 2000

Scywong, what do you mean by major media blitzes? Newpaper? Local News??? It sounds like this is just what we need in Dallas. It doesn't seem as though it is taken seriously here by schools/day cares. You have given me the idea to contact our local newspaper/local news to get some kind of hype going but I would like to get more information from you on what the publicity is there?

On Jan 28, 2000

tynebaby, Your're in Dallas? I'm in Denton! I think this area is one of the worst as far as PA education/awareness goes.

On Jan 29, 2000

Hi again:

In Toronto and it's surrounding area there are articles about peanut allergies in the city newspaper and on the local city news esp when someone has died from an incident (That gets major coverage.) They post one at the beginning of every season and before every school term (at least it seems this way.) They always interview sufferers, allergists, emergency med physicians etc. In all honesty, I believe it is truly working. In the past 3 years I have yet to find a restaurant that doesn't take the peanut allergy seriously (and believe me, my family eats out all the time.) Actually what tends to happen in the restaurant is that the waiter/waitress says yes I know what you're talking about or they have a relative that has the allergy. (Which I think is great!) The publicity the peanut allergy has gotten has greatly improved the social attitude towards the allergy. I don't know if you've read the other posts but, Canada's McDonald's and other fast food restaurants are becoming quite safe. Only truly unsafe one is Dairy Queen cause they make their Blizzards using the same blender.

The article usually appears in the front page of the Life/Health section. If you want some ideas it may be helpful to talk to someone at the newspaper. Their website is [url=""][/url] (The Toronto Star)

Sorry about the grammer's 3 AM. If you need more information, let me know. Hope that helps!

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