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I have some time, thank goodness, b4 I have to deal with this, but I was wondering about it, and this is the place to find out! Those of you with PA, when you started college, how did it go in the dorms? Did you know your roomate? If not, how was that, dealing with a stranger? I remember when I was in college, peanut butter was a staple in our room. Late night cravings, you know! Just curious to how some of you have handled this issue..

------------------ Amy (mom of 2) Son PA/TNA Daughter PA/TNA

On Aug 20, 2007

I went to a dorm in 1993, and unfortunately food allergies were quite the norm. I did not know my roommate. Even though she was half way courteous the people that came to visit were not. I walked in once to find peanut shells everywhere. I ended up not spending much time in the dorm, and left that school the next semester. I did go back to college but never stayed in a dorm again.

I think things would be much different now with the public awareness be much better. Do a search for food allergies and college campuses and I am sure they are more accomodating now compared to when I went to school.