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I will be attending college in the fall. How do i convey the seriousness of my peanut/tree nut allergies?

I will have three roommates to tell.


By smithdcrk on Mar 18, 2015

Step 1: Find out your safe food options on campus. This Link from FARE will help you get started. We have done something similar when my daughter has traveled for HS competitions and will be living on campus.

Step 2: Call Student Housing. See if your housing office includes allergies in their room mate matching method.

Here is one discussion thread specifically on college and allergies.

By Kiki on Mar 25, 2015

Good question. I've found it's best to be straight up, but not grim when telling people I'm around a lot. Also, it's helpful to give specifics. So, some things I do: I let them know that my allergy means that eating something that's touched peanuts, even if the peanuts are removed, means I have to go to the hospital. That's a real drag for me and whoever goes with me, so I try very hard to avoid it. I tell them I get sick if someone has a jar of peanut butter open, even in the next room. I talk about reading all labels, and I do it in front of them. I sometimes ask for their help in keeping nuts away. Some folks, and roommates would probably be in this group, I show where I keep my epipen and how to use it and what I do for reactions. For example, I learned the very hard way that I want to ~always~ take someone with me when I go to the ED. I ask that person to promise not to leave my side until either I say it's ok or security takes them out. I also talk about how there's far more I can eat than I can't. I have not had anyone react badly to me telling them, and most people have been great. Enjoy college!