Coffee Crisp bars for the U.S.


Hi, I just thought that some of you in the U.S. might like to know that Nestle Canada is now introducing Coffee Crisp chocolate bars in the New York City area and plans to introduce them on the west coast and in states along the Canadian border. The bars are manufactured in their Canadian nut free plant. In Canada, Coffee Crisp is Nestle's third most popular product according to the news item I watched. It also said that the introductory marketing campaign in New York City has been a successful one.

On Feb 1, 2001

What exactly is a coffee crisp?

On Feb 1, 2001

What wonderful news! I will look out for them here, and ask my mother-in-law in New York to do the same. Maybe she will bring some out when she comes to visit next month. Yum! I just hope they continue to make them only in a nut free plant.


On Feb 1, 2001

Kathryn, Coffee Crisp are my absolute all-time favourite chocolate bar! This is great information for our American friends to know! They are wonderful!

To-day, my daughter had asked me if I would buy her a chocolate bar when I went to the store and I decided to buy a 4 pack. Well, I was going to buy the Coffee Crisp but went with Caramilk instead. The only thing I'd have to say against Coffee Crisp and it's really not a big deal at all, they're hard to get a good bite on for little kids. First of all, they're SO thick and then they're SO solid. I know with my two wee ones, I kinda cut them into pieces.

Great news. Wonderful to share!

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