Coffee Crisp


I have a source on ebay where I can order Nestles Treasures or Coffee Crisp. I just ordered a case of Coffee Crisp to send to DS at college.

The cost was $35.99 for the case (48 full size bars) of candy and $15.95 for shipping to California.

Could I have done better? Does anyone have a better source, a cheaper source or is this pretty much what I should expect to pay?

I'm thinking of asking my local restaurant supply store if they can order a case once or twice a year for me, might be cheaper.

I'm beginning to realize that DS has NO source of snacks at school unless I send him cookies. He's not much of a snacky person but I want him to have something when he feels the need, it seems only fair.


On Jan 7, 2005

Panhandle Premimum is $45 for 48 bars and Canadian Sweets is $32.99 for 48. Not sure about the shipping - I would think that price is pretty standard.

One good thing about Panhandle Premimum is that they will let you buy indivdual bars too (99 cents a piece)which I like to do sometimes as I get tired of having boxes and boxes around when I get a few different things.

I have used both companies and find them both very reliable.

On Jan 7, 2005

So I guess I pretty much paid the going rate.

Thanks for the information.


On Jan 7, 2005

Not sure if you are interested, but this site [url=""][/url]

offers a variety of peanut free candy. Price is comparable to what you quoted. I didn't really look around a lot, but it appears you have to order cases (18, 24, 48), but maybe your son would like different candy bars each time?

On Jan 7, 2005

Thank you. He's had the Nestles Favorites variety case twice now and always looks for the coffee crisp. He's not that much of a snacker but this will keep him happy for awhile.

It is a shame it is so expensive for us to get safe candy. But it really figures out to be a dollar (US) a bar and we'd pay more if we bought them individually so we'll deal with the lack of varitey until someone here in the US gets a brain and makes safe candy.


On Jan 7, 2005

Where in California are you shipping it to? I live in the SF Bay Area and can get Coffee Crisp (Canadian) at two stores, both regional chains (Lunardis and Andronicos).