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Coconut Oil

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Does anyone know if Coconut oil is same if someone is allergic to all tree nuts?? I notice it is on a lot of ice cream ingredients. specifically Edy's mint chocolate chip.Thank you to anyone who has any info

On May 28, 2001

Coconut is not in the same family as tree nuts or peanuts (legume family), so unless you are allergic to coconuts, coconut oil is safe. Theoretically, even if you are allergic to coconuts, the oil should be safe since supposedly all proteins are removed, but there are some people that are so sensitive that they react to even the minute amount of protein that sometimes doesn't get processed out. My son, for instance.

On May 29, 2001

Just a note to agree with the above - we were glad to get that info from our doctor, as coconut oil is also in lots of the peanut / tree nut free gummi type candies and even some of the fruit / sugar drinks - like Fruitopia. A few less things to worry about.

On May 30, 2001

Just bringing important topics up!

------------------ Karalot