Coconut allergies???

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I know there is some debate as to whether or not coconut is a nut or a fruit. I am curious though if anyone has a coconut allergy or knows much about them.

I am asking because my fil asked me this weekend if my son was allergic to coconut and I said I didn't know (he hasn't been tested for that yet as his back is only so big... its on the list for next time).

The conversation then went on to formulas (he used to work for Ross). He said the most infant formulas are predominently coconut oils. I was FLOORED!! My son had reactions to every formula we ever tried... just didn't tolerate it well at all. He had terrible reflux issues, contipation (they thought ht might have hirshprungs it was so bad) required daily high doses of Miralax)... not to mention his eczema and chronic ear infections. That is what led us to the allergist in the first place when we found out about the peanut allergy... thinking he had a dairy or soy allergy. Now I am wondering about coconut. Could that have been the cause or is coconut oil like peanut oil and not something that triggers a response the same way?? Anyone know???

On Feb 27, 2007

coconut is a palm , not related to peanut. However there are people allergic to it, but not as many as there are to peanut.

Its worth being tested, but as for infant feeds I am not surprised that palm oil is used. Years ago peanut oil was used, as well as beef, ( I am in UK) both of which have been removed, one for the rise in allergies,one for the BSE scare. Soya was used for some time, but as a rise in allergies to that, it has been removed from some feeds. So oil as high in calories is required, they are using palm oil.

Infant feeds have changed dramtically over the years, which is good, when I was a baby they were still adding salt to the feeds. Lots of 60's overfed babies have kidney troubles now !!


On Feb 27, 2007

My DD is allergic to coconut. She was tested for that when they tested for peanut and tree nuts. Her numbers are high.

I have seen her coconut reaction - it is fast. She also reacts to contact with coconut such as in sunscreens, soaps and lotions.

Yes, infant formulas do contain coconut. I found that out the hard way when I chose soy formula instead of powdered milk for my bread machine (I must avoid lactose). One of those "what was I thinking?!?" moments.


Anyway, I'm happy to help if you have any questions.

------------------ Keep Smiling DD - allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and egg

On Feb 27, 2007

We are avoiding coconut for DD, she has not been tested for it, but it is one of the common ingredients in foods that she has mild reactions to. Process of elimination.

The Canadian Quaker peanut-free granola bars have coconut. She reacts. A favourite chip-dip has coconut oil, she reacts. Some hot chocolate mixes. Cookies. Some chocolate chips, ice cream (safe ones). Since starting to read labels for and avoiding these, she has not complained.

On Feb 27, 2007

If your son tried Neocate and failed, then I would think that maybe it was the coconut. But if your son never tried Neocate, then I would think that he truly was milk/soy allergic, since all the other formulas either have chopped up milk protein or soy protein. Only Neocate is truly non-allergenic. Pregestamil, Alimentum, and Nutramagen are hypo-allergenic rather than non-allergenic. They still have chopped up cow`s milk protein which is why so many kids who are milk allergic do not do well on those three formulas.

On Feb 27, 2007

We never tried Neocate. We didn't get that far... He was breastfed until he weaned himself at 9 months although we did start giving him supplemental bottles at 8 months because he wasn't gaining weight (his problems really started when we introduced solids at 6 months... which I used formula in the cereal because my milk supply was on the low side). We went through Enfamil and then to Nutramigen and then to Alimentum RTF. By the time we worked through those we were at the allergists at 11+ months and both the SPT and the RAST were neg for milk (and wheat, corn, soy, etc). We started him on whole milk at 12 months per the allergists recommendation and he did GREAT!! Way better than he ever did on the formula. So I really don't think it was milk. Doesn't mean it was coconut... could have been something else... just something to think about I guess.

Ironically enough he did react to every sun screen I tried on him until I had the pediatric dermatologist (who my older son sees) recommend something they sell in her office. I NEVER even though about coconut in sunscreen!! DUH!!

On Feb 27, 2007

Jason is allergic to coconut, although he doesn't react to highly refined coconut oil. YMMV

On Feb 27, 2007

My son has a positive RAST for coconut, but has eaten it in small amounts in foods on a regular basis. He tasted a piece of coconut and didn't react, before testing. I don't make anything with coconut, but don't avoid foods with coconut derivatives because he has never reacted to it.

On Feb 28, 2007

There is new information out there explaining that coconut can be cross-reactive with walnut/pecan allergies so those with walnut and/or pecan allergies are advised to be cautious about coconut.

That is why coconut will be added to labelling laws.

On May 29, 2007

Are those who are allergic to coconut avoiding creams, lotions, soaps with coconut derivatives? If so, what soaps and shampoos do you use? Thanks,K-