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Has anyone researched cocoa products are okay and which are not? We want to make choclate ice cream in our ice cream maker. Thank you!

On Jul 10, 2000

Hi, I haven't done any research on this, but I use Hersheys Cocoa. Have been using it for years and haven't had any problems with it! Good Luck!

On Jul 10, 2000

We also use Hershey's Cocoa without a problem.

On Jul 24, 2000

I have used Hershey's and Droste Dutch cocoa, both with no problem at all. I like the Dutch stuff because it's dark and strong--makes great cookies.

On Aug 21, 2000


Originally posted by Helen: [b]Has anyone researched cocoa products are okay and which are not? We want to make choclate ice cream in our ice cream maker. Thank you![/b]

I order my cocoa in huge canisters from Ghirardelli. When I order, I make sure that it's made in their peanut/treenut free facility. The biggest thing I like about it is that the opening is nice and big, and makes much less mess than the small cans.

On Aug 21, 2000

gw mom3-

How do you order it? And which plant is peanut/tree nut free? I know one was supposed to be peanut free but had almonds.

On Aug 22, 2000

I would like to know where you order it, too. It was my understanding that their facility was only peanut free and not nut free. Am I mistaken?

On Aug 27, 2000

I was told by ghirardelli that the san leandro plant is peanut and tree nut free, but now I'm not sure I got accurate information from them. I'll call them back to find out for sure.

btw-we ordered a bunch (and I mean a bunch!) of chocolate bars and chocolate chips, along with the cocoa. Everything but the cocoa is gone, and we didn't have any problems. I will call them tomorrow to find out about other nuts in the plant. I hope they didn't give me the wrong info, or I won't have any other cocoa to use. [img][/img]

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On Aug 29, 2000

GW- when I called Ghiradelli this year they said the plant that is peanut free is not nut free. There are macademia and almonds in the same room but on a separate line.

On Sep 6, 2000

I called Ghirardelli back, and this is what they told me: The San Leandro plant is peanut free, but not tree nut free. The Cocoa powder is made on it's own equipment away from the other products, so they feel it would be safe. They sent me a list of items that they're planning to add the "may contain" statement to and the only thing [b]not[/b] on it is the cocoa powder. I'll continue to get my cocoa from them, since they make it separately and I don't know what other brand would be any safer. If anyone knows, please tell us!

Thanks, everyone, for letting me know. I would probably have kept ordering the baking chips and candy bars for my kids.

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On Sep 9, 2000

I have always used Hershey's without any problem.