Cleaning up tabletop?

Posted on: Fri, 12/27/2002 - 1:37pm
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Hi.. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.. I haven't been here in a while, but I'm stuck with this question. First, a bit of background.

My son (5 years old) is PA. Had one reaction when he was 18 months old due to ingestion. Since then, he's been allergic to eggs, but that one seems to have mostly gone away, and he's starting an allergy to soya. Our house is totally peanut/nuts free, but it's not egg nor soya free.

In two weeks, we are going on vacation with my parents, for a period of 5 weeks. I know my dad won't give up his pb. To his defense, he never eats it in front of my son, but I am worried about residue. I don't know if my son would react or not, since he hasn't been exposed to peanuts in a long time. I do know that peanut residue isn't washed away by simply wiping the tabletop. So *how* does one clean peanut protein???

Also, if my dad puts his plate and knife in the dishwasher, does that contaminate *everything* ?

Posted on: Sat, 12/28/2002 - 1:30am
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I have never read anything about using a dishwasher and food allergies, but what gets rid of residue is scrubbing. Since my dd developed her egg allergy five years ago (later became pa), I wash everything by hand. I haven`t actually read that putting everything in the same dishwasher contaminates everything, but I had the same concerns as you. In your situation, even if they washed everything by hand, I wouldn`t let someone who eats pb care for my child because of the number of reactions that occur from kissing the child hours after the pb is eaten. I wouldn`t expect someone else (who doesn`t live with pa daily) to remember that, and for that reason I wouldn`t even consider letting him care for my child. But each person has to make his/her own decision.
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Posted on: Sat, 12/28/2002 - 2:53am
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Throwaway plasticware, plastic glasses, paper plates is the best way to handle this issue. Bring your own and maybe a tray for your child to eat on.

Posted on: Sat, 12/28/2002 - 7:10am
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I don`t see how that resolves the kissing issue. There was a post on these boards about a year ago from someone who ate a bagel with peanut butter, then kissed his child three hours later. The child had a reaction. That is pretty impressive.

Posted on: Sat, 12/28/2002 - 8:30am
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thanks for the answers. Here are few things to clarify our situation.
I am not letting my parents care for my children. I'll be there with them all the time. I too deserve a month long in Florida ;-) Plus I'll handle most if not all of the cooking, and groceries shopping, so that part doesn't worry me. In fact, it will not be a vacation for me except for the lack of snow.
While my parents do love my children, and it's reciprocal, my 5 year old is no longer much involved with kissing. So I'm clear for about 10 years on that front. There is a risk of residue if grandfather and son handle the same objects (and I know they will) but I also know that my father washes his hands very well after eating pb. He's good for that, but he won't give it up. He's had pb every day of his life for 70 years, I can understand his reluctance to change, especially since my son never had a big reaction of any kind. It's harder to convince someone of the danger in that case.
Also, English is not my first language, isn't scrubbing and wiping the same thing? They translate to the same word in French.

Posted on: Sat, 12/28/2002 - 8:34am
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As for plastic ware, my kids pretty much have their own plates and everything already. So that's not a worry (much) except for the dishwashing issue.
The only real worry is how to clean the table after my dad has breakfast. He does take his pb at a specific place at the table, about 2 places down from my son, so I consider the risks minimal.
We've done this vacation thing before without a single problem, but this time, I feel like my son's allergies are not as controlled as before. He's had hives on Christmas from eating a meringue. He's never had hives before in his live.

Posted on: Sat, 12/28/2002 - 9:42am
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darthcleo ~
Just for fun...scrubbing implies a more *vigorous* cleaning. Wiping is a gentler action.
If I were to *wipe* a baby's bottom, I would then *scrub* my hands!
Have a wonderful vacation. [img][/img]

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 1:35am
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Since the children basically have their own dishes, why not wash them by hand and wash everyone elses in the dishwasher? Just a suggestion... [img][/img]

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 3:04am
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I was also going to suggest handwashing just the children's things. I was musing about how my dd never had reactions in our home or family homes to cross contact and simple contact, but seems to questionable have had this at a friend's home and possibly the school kitche. Well, I am honestly not all that tidy, and we have no longer any PB, but at first we had PB and all kinds of nuts around and I baked like crazy that Christmas with nuts. I was clueless myself!
I figured it out! At that age, my dd ate at a hig chair, from almost entirely all her own things and I handwashed most everything. Cups, little bowls, etc... Not by design for the allergies to eggs and peanuts, but by default of it being quick and simple to clean things up right away, needing them for the next meal. Still do this, since she has a few cutsie plates designed for children. But our home is very safe now too.
So, having his own space at the table assigned, hand cleaning their own dishes, would take care of alot. Another idea. Since Dad is fairly accomodating, would he do plastic knives and plates for just his PB snacks? Then it all goes in the trash. becca

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 3:41am
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You mentioned a soy allergy. Is it as bad as the peanut? If not would your dad consider soy-nut butter for five weeks?

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 6:10am
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We keep pb in our house and most of the family we visit, keeps it (and uses it) while we are there.
I rinse dishes, silverware, etc before putting in my dishwasher. I figured the water in there gets much hotter than any water I could stand on my hands and I use the "complete rinse" powdered formula detergent. I use a paper towel and cleaner such as 409 or clorox clean up to wipe (scrub) the counters & table.
This approach has worked for my PA son, now age 9, exposure free almost 2 years. (took a while for us to educate our school)
Good luck and have a great vacation.


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