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Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2001 - 5:54am
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First, let me say I wasn't sure at all where I should post this - here, Living, Restaurants, Manufacturers... sometimes topics fit under so many titles!!

Has anyone else considered this:

While I was out with my sons today, I had an intriguing thought. We were at the Pizza Hut. I was cutting my son's pizza and thought...
Is the silverware at a restaurant any safer than products that are made on the same line as peanut products (the lines being washed/sterilized between products)?? I'm sure product lines have many more nooks and crannies than silverware, so maybe that makes it more likely to not come completely clean every time...?

I presently do not let my son eat anything labeled 'may contain' and the like, nor do I let him eat anything that is made on the same lines as peanut/nut-type products (info found out by calling the company). I do not consider myself to have a 'strict' comfort zone - not strict enough to start being paranoid about the silverware in a restaurant, anyway.

It was just a thought, and I wondered what you all would think about it.

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2001 - 10:07am
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It seems like there are endless possible things that could happen to expose someone to peanuts. I remember a discussion of "what if" a worker ate a pb sandwich before fixing a machine that was supposed to be peanut free. So yes, I would say that silverwear could be contaminated, but the chances are too slim to worry about. It would drive everyone nuts. I know there are/use to be several people on the board with very high sensitivity, but they never mentioned a severe reaction where they just couldn't figure out the cause at all. If we consider all the possibilities, I think trying to control the allergy could turn into a true phobia of touching anything. There are times when I wonder how parents with severely allergic kids do manage to keep their sanity.

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2001 - 10:22am
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I currently work in a VERY BUSY restuarant & when the silverware is washed, it is done seperatly from the dishes & they are kept in racks(like a dishwasher). They are not allowed to overfill the slots.
They also use cleaning solutions that are much more powerful than we could imagine. The sanitizer that is used kills the AIDS virus(supposedly). I am a germ freak & I trust the cleaning procedures that are used. By board of health they have to follow these guidelines. Their is 2 or 3 solutions for the dishwasher we use at the resturant I work in.
Remember I am speaking for the place I work but, I am assuming most of them are like this.
Hope this helps you. Trust me our children should be safe. I am very comfortable with the cleaning procedures.

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2001 - 11:53am
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Lam, there is an article in one of the most recent FAAN newsletters about cleaning of manufacturing equipment. It said that they do not use water where they use just dry ingredients because it would cause micro-organism growth. So, I think the cleaning procedures are totally different. I know this isn't a complete answer, but i'm thinking that the silverware is not contaminated because of the procedures described on the above post. I hope this makes sense!

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2001 - 12:19pm
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Thanks for your responses, everyone. I am in no way worried about this, it was just something that popped into my mind about using dishes/silverware that probably had peanutty food on it previously.
Thanks for the info about the cleaning procedure used after running dry ingredients. I never knew that. As I said, we don't let our son eat anything with 'may contain' labels or any suspicion of cross-contamination anyway, but knowing this helps reinforce this decision!!
I have my days when I "what if" myself crazy, but this really was not one of those things - it was just a thought. Thanks, All!!

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