Cleaning - Peanut Allergy Information


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Just wondering, as I just became a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and my daughter has a peanut and tree nut allergy, if our antibac cloths would help cross contamination for food allergies? I know there are tests we can do to remove raw chicken protein off surfaces so just wondering if food allergies could be handled the same with cleaning the surface with water and Norwex enviro cloth? Thanks for any info you could provide.

By smithdcrk on Jun 2, 2015

Tree nuts and peanuts have a oil base. To truly remove the nut residue from the surface you need something that is a degreaser like Lysol or 409. Think about that bacon pan. Would a disinfecting wipe be enough to remove the grease?

Our allergist has told us that the antibacterial wipes will do a great job at disinfecting the surface. You will have a lower chance of catching the flu or a cold, but there may still be nut residue.