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Does anyone give their PA/TNA child Claritin for seasonal allergies? I haven't called the manuf. about it, but I thought I would just check here to see if anyone uses it. Thanks.

On Apr 17, 2008

when our pediatrician thought my son had seasonal allergies she prescribed claritin. my son took it for a few weeks or months. i heard it has a very floraly taste. my son didnt like it. you can put it in juice but they have to finish the juice. my son was put on zyrtec a few years ago but we dont use it. we use benadryl as needed.

On Apr 17, 2008

We are in our second year of using claritin for DD's spring allergies. At first she didn't really like it, but she did get used to it. I accidentally discovered that she liked the fruit flavor much better than the grape, so maybe that would make a difference for you also. DD is peanut allergic and has never had any problems with reactions from the Claritin.

I have to say, I've been really happy with claritin (not to sound like an ad!). It has made a huge difference in her symptoms without knocking her out cold like Benadryl. We only use it to get through spring, then stop.

A couple things I found interesting: it can take up to a week to be effective. Knowing this I was surprised at my peds nurse saying we could take it for an allergic reaction instead of Benadryl. I don't think that is good advice and would definitely stick with Epi and Benadryl for peanut reactions. We have given Claritin and later in the day needed Benadryl, which we have been told is okay to do occasionally but not every day. We have an appointment with our allergist next week and I will be asking for clarification of this information

On Apr 21, 2008

My ped. told me to use claritin for my NON PA son's viral hives. It was easier for that because I only had to give it to him every 12 hours instead of 4-6 hours with benadryl. It worked as well for us to control the hives. He had to take it for several days so it was much more convienient. I'm not sure I would trust it for an allergic reaction unless for some reason I was in a situation where that was all I had available.

On Apr 30, 2008

My son, who has a Peanut/tree nut allergy had a pretty severe allergic reaction to petting a cat and rubbing his eyes and I gave him Clairin and then called his allergist. They said while it is fine for him to take Claritin for his seasonal allergies it does not work as quickly as Benadryl does, so they had me give him a dose of Benadryl even though I had just given him Claritin.

On Apr 30, 2008

To update my previous post...

I mentioned how much we liked Claritin, but that was before this year's spring allergies really got going. For some reason, this year we are not getting the results we did last year. Our pediatrician said that can happen, even with an adjusted dose.

We just started Zyrtec 2 days ago, and today DD was outside playing much of the day in preschool without itchy/watery eyes, sneezing, and red rashing on her cheekbones. I'll watch the next few days, too since she may still have some protection from the steroid she was on from her PN reaction the other night.

I just thought this was funny, but my pediatrician seemed almost giddy with excitement that Zyrtec was over the counter now. :)

By mom2twingirls on May 13, 2009

I just found the same thing with the Claritin and Zyrtec. My daughter (the one without peanut and tree nut allergies) had seasonal allergies so awful over the last week that I had to take her in because I couldn't tell if she had pink eye or allergy eyes. Ended up being seasonal allergies. I've been using eye drops the pediatrician gave me and continuing the Claritin, but my daughter just didn't seem to be getting much relief with the nasal symptoms. The eyes were better, but that could've been the drops. I know I probably didn't wait long enought for the Claritin to kick in (less than a week), but I switched to Zyrtec. This is the 2nd day and she is remarkably better.