Clarification on Pepperidge Farm Goldfish - Peanut Allergy Information

Clarification on Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

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I just received a FAN alert regarding the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. It states:

"There has been some confusion regarding the consumer alert on Pepperidge Farm Goldfish in the April/May issue of Food Allergy Network News. To clarify, only Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish Trio and Snack Mix products list 'may contain traces of peanuts and nuts.' Other Goldfish products DO NOT. The listing appears when products are manufactured on lines where products containing nuts or peanuts are made.

Please remember to read every label every time you shop. Call the manufacturer if you have any questions. Pepperidge Farm consumer response line: (888) 737-7374"

On Apr 13, 1999

Thanks Connie!

Peppridge Farm was on my list of people to call today (you should have seen the tears in my son's eyes when I told him Goldfish might not be safe anymore). I was confused in the supermarket, as I did not see this warning on ANY of the varieties available around here. Thanks again!

On Apr 13, 1999

Laura, I have seen the warning on the goldfish that come in a BOX, I have not seen it on the goldfish that come in the soft package. The ones in the box I think are new flavors--3 cheese, wheat and I can't remember the other flavor. It was only one of these flavors in the box where I saw the warning (and I don't think it was the trio, unless you mean the three cheese flavor).

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On Apr 13, 1999

Hi Laura and Brenda,

I believe the new trio goldfish are the 3 cheeses Brenda mentioned. (I tried them before and one of the trio crackers has a "bite" to it--pretty spicy)! I kept picking out that particular cracker and if it is spicy for an adult, I would think my son wouldn't care for them either, so I don't feel too badly not giving him the Trio flavor. My son loves the cheddar goldfish and like your son Laura, he was not at all amused when I told him he might not be able to have them anymore. I was glad to receive the alert for the clarification.

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On Apr 15, 1999

I called Pepperidge Farm befor I got the FAN letter. They assured that it is only the snack mix that contains peanut. All others are made on a separate line. I was unable to find a snack mix in the grocery store- has anyone seen one? My son loves goldfish too and I was very relieved.

------------------ Valerie

On Apr 16, 1999

Hi Valerie,

After posting my FAN Alert (Clarification), I had to run to the grocery store. I purposedly went to the cracker aisle and read the ingredients on the Trio Goldfish (3 cheeses) and it listed "may contain traces of peanuts). The cheddar goldfish, which is my son's favorite, did not contain a warning. Personnally, I wouldn't feel comfortable giving my son the Trio Goldfish. I guess in the back of my mind, I'm thinking okay--there could be a risk of reacting to this product because of the warning label and I would just as well leave it on the grocery shelf.

What is scary is they assured you only the snack mix had peanuts in it. I would not consider the Trio Goldfish safe.

Stay Safe!

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On Apr 16, 1999

Hi Connie, Thanks for the warning. I was suspicious of the trio goldfish because I was wondering if they considered it a snack mix. Since it is a mix of flavors I planned on avoiding it. I hadn't had a chance to read the label yet. The fun part is trying to explain to daycare, friends and family that he can only have certain goldfish. Not to mention trying to explain it to a child under 3!

------------------ Valerie