cinnamon allergy?


I've seen it here before, but is it an allergy or intolerance?? My 2yo ds had a reaction yesterday, rash all around his mouth and I think it was from cinnamon. How careful do we have to be. Can it get worse or is it just more annoying??

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On Sep 5, 2007

I know that at my dd's school, we have a child that is ANA to cinnamon and carries an Epi.

It is her only FA.

On Sep 5, 2007

This has been a question of mine also. My DS (PN, TNA and EA) will get red around his mouth when he eats oatmeal with cinnamon on it-wear the cinnamon touches his face (He likes a lot of cinnomon!). It goes away when his face is wiped clean. He does not get red when he eats the oatmeal plain. He eats my home made muffins/breads/etc. with cinnamon it it just fine. Never experienced any other problems with this-any ideas?

On Sep 5, 2007

There was an older child at DS's old daycare that was anaphylactic to cinnamon.

On Sep 6, 2007

Wow!...That would really be a bummer. I hope it's not the case!

On Sep 6, 2007

He never had a reaction before Tuesday. I tried it again today and about 10-15 minutes later his face was bright red and blotchy. I'm hoping it's just a sensitivity thing. Of course this is the same age and same way my dd started before she was diagnosed with MFA's.

All I can think is, "here we go again".

Ironically, it happened first on Tuesday about 1 hour before my dd's appt at the allergist for further skin testing! (which also was a disappointment for us)


On Sep 6, 2007

Cinnamon is an irritant. DS used to get blotchy red patches where it touched the skin on his face. I don't think it was a true allergy. He seems to have outgrown the sensitivity (or maybe he's just a tidier eater, now!)

I react to artificial cinnamon and to cinnamates in sunscreen. Are you talking about real cinnamon or artificial cinnamon?


On Sep 6, 2007

real cinnamon.