CiCi\'s Pizza


We recently moved in a town that has a CiCi's Pizza Parlor, which I believe is a national chain. Has anyone with pa or pa children had any experience with CiCi's, as far as safety for the peanut allergic? Thanks for your response.

On Nov 5, 2000

We go there all the time! No problems where we live (in Virginia). Still, I would check with the restaurant near you to confirm that they don't have peanut products either.

On Nov 5, 2000

We have been there twice without any problems. We asked about peanuts and they told us they don't use any. We're in Florida. If you have a DOUGH or FAT allergy, beware,though, Haha!

On Nov 8, 2000

When we visit Florida, my son eats at CiCi's. No problems so far.

On Jan 17, 2001

We live in New Mexico and my daughter loves to eat at CiCi's. She is severly allergic to peanuts and we have had NO problems.

On Mar 17, 2001

My kids love CiCi's. My pa daughter has never had problems. I do always ask about the dessert pizzas before we enter-just in case!