I thought this was interesting. My oldest not PA son goes to choir practice at our church 1 night a week. It is at 5 and my dh is usually home by then so I leave my younger PA son home but sometimes I have to bring him. They have snacks there and depending on who puts them out often there are peanut products. (One of the women is allergic to peanuts so she doesnt put them out but the other one does). I have never said anything because my PA son is not in choir and when I bring him I just keep him away from the snack table. THere are usually individual sized potato chips there so sometimes I give him one of those. Anyway last week I had to bring him and there were peanuts in a can, and peanut butter cookies on the plate with the other cookies. My older son went over and picked up one and I made him throw it out and wash his hands. While I was instructing him on which cookies to get and shooing my younger son away from the area another mother noticed. She told me I should really say something so they wont serve peanut products and when I didnt go in the kitchen to say anything she did. I have been conflicted on the whole thing since my son is not in choir. The lady that put the food out volunteers to do this. She came out and apoligized and said she wasnt aware and would not put those things out again. She was so nice I was embarressed. Anyway this week when we went to choir the associate minister (who is the one allergic to peanuts) came in and said they would not have any peanut product snacks out anymore. I had let the other lady know that there were two other kids there that had peanut allergies as well and their mothers were right there when we were told there would be no more peanut snacks. They were really surprised (i think they have alot different comfort zones cause they have indicated to me that they have peanut butter in their house etc.) the associate minister said she has to take benedryl if she is in a room with an open can of peanuts. She said a few years ago they used to have to avoid all milk products for a little girl that was severely allergic to milk. My son still wont be able to eat most of the snacks but atleast I dont have to worry about what he touches too. I dont think the other mothers thought it was necessary at all but it made me feel better, although for some reason I was a little embarressed, I am not sure why.

------------------ Lalow James 4 yrs, NKA Ben 3 yrs, PA and MA and SA

On Mar 23, 2006

my daughter sophia, Pa, is 2 years old. She's had several contact rxn at church. A couple of weeks ago, they had a soup and sandwich luncheon and someone brought a jar of PB. Well, we finally worked up the nerve and asked the pastor to make it a peanut free building. He said okay and mentioned it before the sermon. My DH also stood up and talked about it. After the service, we hung around and spoke with a lot of the members. They were really understanding, and had no idea about peanut residue and cross contamination. The pastor even mentioned how he would have PB toast every morning and just lick his fingers clean!! I'm going to give him a few peanut free posters that he can choose from to hang on the door. I'm also making an info sheet that I'll hang on the bulletin board. It talks about washing hands, brushing teeth and all that. I spoke with the nursery, and they are going t have all the kids wash their hands first thing. I've also decided that from now on, I'm going to go wipe down the nursery and chairs "just in case" I encourage you to be open with everyone. I mean its only once in awhile. The only one it really inconveniences is the minister, and since one of them is PA I don't think he'll mind.