Chronic Congestion/Cough since new PreK...

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Hi everyone, I am hoping someone can help... I am suspicious that my daughter's chronic cough and congestion is due to her being in a new preK classroom where they eat peanut butter everyday. She did not have these symtoms prior to starting school in the Fall and has no other allergies -I know of- to explain the chronic nature of the symptoms. Is my theory possible? The doctors all agree she is having allergic symptoms but otherwise do not offer answers. They have her on Singulair and Nasonex but they are not helping. I am seeing a new allergist this week... Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, DianeL

On Jan 28, 2005

Diane, I definitely think your theory is possible. Maybe this is just the ammo you need to make her class nut free. Hopefully the new allergist will confirm your suspicion. I personally couldn't imagine my son in pre-k with other children eating pb.

Just curious, has she been tested for any other allergies such as dust? Is she congested at home or on the weekends? Did your allergist recommend further testing or a nut free class? If it's not the pb it may be dust maybe some sort of cleaning product in the school.

If you want to make her class nut free there's a lot of info on this site and much more knowledgable members than I that can help you down that path. Good luck and let us know what the new allergist says.

On Jan 28, 2005

Thanks for your ideas. They just tested her for dust again 2 weeks ago and she was negative. They tested her for mold as well - negative. I want the new allergist to run broad food tests too...she hasn't been tested for food allergies (besides nuts) since she was 18 months. Maybe she developed something? I also want a letter from the new doctor directed to the principal requesting a peanut free classroom (my requests went unheeded...).

She is congested all the time, but it does seem better after 2 days away from school... Thanks again, Diane