Christopher just had a smell reaction on bus

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 1:24am
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Well I sent my kids off as I do every morning. Started cleaning my house when my mom called me. Apparently while mom and I were on the phone the school called her to tell her Chris was pretty ill. My mom ran to get him and the nurce was waiting outside for them to pick him up very upset. Seems that someone was eating on the bus and the fumes from whatever it was caused his reaction. His lips were bluish and his face very whitish/grey.
I ran him to Dr. And they gave him benedryl said he was surely having a reaction. Not as bad as if he ate it but he was faint/numb lips and tingling in his hands.
He said the bus felt like it was smothering him.
He is now laying on the couch and i will not let him out of my sight. His oxygen level was good though which helped.
I just want everyone here to remember that when they are on the bus even things can happen just from sitting still and sleeping in Christophers case.
Thank god he woke up because he was having problems with his breathing. If he hadn't woke up what would have happened. I am a mess right now and have not stopped my crying in a while.
I said the Chris"I think this is gods way of giving us a reality check." At 16 he was hoping he would never feel sick from that again.
I felt helpless and guilty that i was on the phone when my baby needed me.
EVeryone here just hug your children today!! claire

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 2:04am
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I'm sending a big hug your way! I was in your shoes just a few weeks ago and know how agonizing it is for your child to have a reaction. You are in my thoughts and prayers!
Take Care,

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 2:10am
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Claire- so sorry to hear of your sons reaction. Hope he's feeling better soon. Had he had a smell-type reaction before?
Take care- mae

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 2:43am
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Claire, thank you for sharing that. I will be thinking of you and your son when I pick up my kids from school and hug them. They will not understand why I will be crying, but that's OK.
Thank you for reminding us what a blessing each and every reaction free day is. In the hustle and bustle of every day life I think we sometimes forget.
I'm so sorry you and your son had to go through that. I'm so glad he is OK. Don't beat yourself up about being on the phone. You didn't know.

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 2:46am
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The symptoms you are describing also happen during panic attacks.
Hyperventilating causes numb lips and tingling in hands.
Did he panic when he smelled the peanuts?

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 4:22am
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To answer the question of hyperventilating. He was actually sleeping when he awoke from the not being able to breath. He said when he woke up he realized he could smell food that he had certainly never smelled before.
Maybe he was getting nervous and that didn't add to it.
Yes he has had one smell reaction before as bad as this one. The Dr. said of course he is having a smell reaction because whatever was being eaten was in the air.
I am still looking at a very week boy on the couch that I think has got a lot of fear in him right now.
He made a comment on the way home that just bothers me so bad. He said "boy mom if someone hated me enough they could kill me so easy and get away with it". what ever made him come up with that kind of thing to say.
16 years old and people insist it gets easier. NO Chris didn't have his epi with him. He forgot it in his locker at school. AHHHH
yOu people are such great support at times like these when outsiders don't get it. thank you all. Claire

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 5:04am
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Claire, I'm really sorry about what happened to Chris. It's tough enough getting through the teen years without having to deal with a severe food allergy.
It sounds like he had a "deep sense of foreboding" which is a classic symptom of anaphylaxis.
Does he have a epi-belt to keep his epi-pen in? That way he doesn't have to worry about always having it in his pocket as he can wear it all day long. They make some nice ones in black leather---very macho looking.
I hope he's feeling better real soon.

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 7:24am
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Hi. Claire I hope your son is feeling better. This reaction is never good news but maybe it might have scared him into not forgetting his epi. I know everybody forgets things some times (keys, checkbook, etc).
I'm having a hard time getting my 10 yr. old to remember his. We hang it on our front door. The one we always use. We will be in the car and I'll say do you have your meds. And he'll say no I forgot. But he will remember to grab a snack and a book to read. We run back in the house for the epi's.
Could the bus driver carry an extra epi on the bus? The driver would need to know how heat/cold sensitive they are, though. Just a thought. Hope you all are feeling better soon.rj
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Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 9:28am
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I'm so sorry this happened to Chris. His description of the reaction sounds exactly like what happened to me from allergy shots; it was surely a reaction. I hope he feels back to himself quickly. I'm sure [b]he'll[/b] feel better before you do!
Please don't beat yourself up for being on the phone - it's not like you were out drinking or partying at 10:00AM, for heaven's sake. Even mom's are entitled to pick up the phone once in awhile. [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 9:51am
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Lots of hugs from Fla
Thanks for sharing
Love this site

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 10:19am
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I'm very sorry Claire. Your post really hits home for me as I have recently contemplated Mariah riding the bus and the safety precautions outweighing her social needs. I thank you very much for posting your experience, and hope you all can rest and recover.


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