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Christmas Cake - Marzipan alternative

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I have a slight dilema at the moment. I am making a Christmas cake, minus almonds and ground almonds, replacing with ground rice and a few more sultanas. My 5 year old has the peanut and all tree nuts allergies and I have coeliac disease which is not wheat or gluten, so presently there is a bit of an ingredient swap going on in this recipe. My question is does anyone know of a different way of producing something that resembles marzipan to put onto the cake?? Lady in health food shop suggested fonant icing with almond essence so long as it wasn't real almond??? Any suggestions would be a great help, I so want him to have a taste of a Christmas cake - mind you so do I - that's been a few years with own dietary requirements!! After all this, he probably won't like it anyway!

On Oct 26, 2008

Hi there! Here's a simnal cake I made using coconut instead of almonds. It was so tasty! Not the same as that yummy layer of marzipan, but it is delicious and wonderful with a cup of tea (even my scottish mother approved)!


I'll be making it again this year. Yum!


On Oct 27, 2008

Thanks for the recipe. I'll give it a try. Let's hope he likes it after this! I'm sure I will!