Choosing an Airline (Canada or USA)--Please share your experiences

Posted on: Wed, 01/16/2008 - 9:12am
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We have decided to venture to Florida & FLY

I am so scared
My son is almost 7 and allergic to Peanuts, Legumes (beans) and Egg. I am worried about the Flight. I have no idea where to start.

I am hoping some of you can share your experiences Possitive and negative to help with the decision.

We can fly from Toronto or Detroit.

While in Florida we plan to have a condo so we have our own kitchen.

I don't even know how to start planning this, which airline fly to Florida from Toronto or Detroit etc....

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Posted on: Wed, 01/16/2008 - 10:50am
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I just checked with WestJet and they are peanut free. It also says so on their webpage. They don't serve peanuts but may serve other nuts.
I am from FLorida and may take my 2 allergic kids on a commercial aircraft for the first time this summer. I am scared.
I ca help you with safe foods in Florida. Where are you going in Fla?

Posted on: Wed, 01/16/2008 - 12:04pm
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We have a 5 year old with peanut, milk, egg, and wheat allergies. We have flown many times with Joe, and did have an asthma like reaction on a flight, but nothing other than that.
We continue to fly. There are a few things that you should consider:
1. Some airlines are much more accomidating than others. Northwest and United do not ever serve peanuts any more-I believe. Northwest has also been very understanding in not selling the trail mix with nuts on flights. (Detroit is a hub for Northwest) Let them know when you make a reservation, and when you get to the desk at the gate. They will typically make an announcement.
Other airlines are Bad, like Continental. Don't give them your business, and send them letters asking why they are so bad. The more safe choices we have for our kids, the better.
2. Fly early, the air is better. Less chance for peanuts and other messes to have been made. Less chance of late flight,missing flights.
3. Premedicate your child. We treat with Oropred (prednisone syrup), and Claritin before the flight, as well as a breathing treatment (he also has asthma) We are aggressive about this, little downside and huge potential bennefit.
4. Bring meds on board including 2-3 epipens. We also bring his battery powered nebulizer with us on the flight.
If you do these things you have taken many precautions to make for a safe flight. I refuse to deprive Joe of a nice vaction because of his allergies. The more people, and airlines executives know about this issue, the better. We need to stay on them with emails, letters, etc.. It is not going away, and we have to support the businesses that are friendly to those with allergies.
Also, we have had no troubles with airport security.

Posted on: Tue, 02/19/2008 - 2:27am
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American Airlines doesn't serve peanuts on flights.
Avoid Delta - not only do they serve peanuts on pretty much every flight, but they don't have any consistent policy for dealing with severe allergies and have been rude and even outright hostile when I tried to request accommodations.

Posted on: Tue, 02/19/2008 - 10:23am
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Jet Blue is our preferred airline and we tend to adjust our travel accordingly. We sometimes fly to an airport a few hours from our destination, and rent a car for the last leg of the trip if Jet Blue doesn't fly directly to our intended destination. They have always been very respectful and helpful in our experience. They do not serve peanuts, but do offer packets of other nuts at times and some may contains snacks, which we do not think are a risk as long as my son does not eat them. We bring our own food with us and never eat airline food. We do always wipe down the seats, arms rests, seat belts and buckles, trays, and window shade (since my son tends to lift it and close it). We do not use the pouches on the back of the seats in case someone stored something nutty in there.
Jet Blue does not serve peanuts, willingly removes anything from the snack service that you are not comfortable our case any nuts...and makes a few announcements. They generally make one before folks board, informing folks that someone with a severe nut allergy will be travelling on this flight and requesting that folks refrain from eating nutty things until they get off the plane. They usually make another announcement before taking off, and sometimes another when announcing the snack service during the flight. The seats are all leather, so easy to clean. Some airlines have fabric on the seats. Not sure if Jet Blue flies from your town or not, but it does go to Florida. We have flown to Orlando, Sarasota, and Fort Lauderdale on Jet Blue. Good luck!

Posted on: Wed, 02/20/2008 - 10:47am
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Northwest in general is fantastic. With living near Detroit this is good news for us. They do all the things that are listed above for JetBlue. They do the announcements, do not serve peanuts at all, ever. They do serve nuts but when I make them aware of our situation they either remove them from the snack service or tell people not to open them until off the aircraft. They are very nice and accomodating, and we fly a lot with our son.

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