Choose Delta over Continental

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We just returned from roundtrip flights from Buffalo to Orlando. We flew Delta there, and Continental on the return flight. We notified both airlines ahead of time of daughter's peanut allergy. Delta couldn't have been nicer. They promptly replied in a positive manner, that they will try to be accomodating. They even made an announcement on board to all passengers, to refrain from eating their peanut snacks brought from home. They offered two snacks, (one of which had the "may contain nuts" warning) which they offered to stop serving when another passenger pointed the warning out to the staff. Continental was another story! Their standard reply to my original email was to tell me they that since they cannot guarantee the planes to be peanut-free, they will continue to serve peanuts. A very rude flight attendant argued with my husband that if people want peanuts, she will give them out. We knew nobody was going to go hungry, and since they had pretzels, why not just offer them? We can't understand why they want to put passengers at risk, when the problem can easily be avoided, and we gave them plenty of notice. The good news is that we didn't see anyone order peanuts, just pretzels.

On Apr 27, 2007

thanks for your info.....were going to colorado in June and we are flying Continental. The last time I fly we had meal service so they didn't give out the peanut/pretzel snacks. The flights that we have this time are also meal flights, and I hope it will be the same way. My ds will not eat the meal they provide, I just like it that the other passengers are eating meals instead of just peanuts.

On Apr 30, 2007

I just flew to Denver from Houston and they served peanuts. ONLY peanuts. The flight was listed as None as far as snack or meal service, so I didn't expect them to serve anything. Lo and behold, they handed out peanuts. The attendant wasn't even really asking she was just handing them out and then asking folks what they wanted to drink. I just looked at the attendant like she was insane, and told her no to the peanuts. Of course the lady in the aisle seat took two bags since I didn't want mine. Ugh!!!!!

On May 1, 2007

I have some bad news about DELTA.

When I booked a flight to Ireland they assured me that they would not serve peanuts because of my allergy. When I called to reconfirm my trip last week (scheduled for the end of May), they informed me that they are only doing a buffer zone of 3 rows behind and in front. I explained how I was told otherwise and they said that employee was "misinformed." I've never had issues like this with Delta before, but now I'm forced to rebook an international flight three weeks before my trip or cancel my trip altogether. Avoid Delta at all costs!!