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Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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My son is participating in a school entrepreneur program. He will be selling Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Based on my research to be safe for PA people we can use Rold Gold Pretzel rods and Baker's Chocolate. Do you educated people on this matter have any Fed back for us?

By kjaffoni on Feb 22, 2014

P.S. are marshmallows safe?

By Player11753 on Feb 24, 2014

Bachman Pretzels label for nut allergies

I have a package of Bachman brand pretzels that says the product is made in a nut free facility, this is the best labeling of the pretzel brands that are in my supermarket. My gold standard is to mention tree nuts and peanuts in particular, and mention the facility, not just the ingredients, but I often can't find that.

I will be loyal to companies that give the best labeling, even if the allergy ever goes away, because so many people depend on it!

A for chocolate, I have found Hershey's to be my default safe choice, of course each package must be checked. There is another brand called Enjoy Life, which makes chocolate chunks, mini chocolate chips, and other products, specifically with allergies in mind. These 2 products mentioned are excellent, although I haven't tried melting them for your type of recipe. The site is below, they also control for other allergy triggers like dairy:


I found them in Target and in Whole Foods.