Posted on: Mon, 07/19/1999 - 3:28am
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I was so happy to hear from all of you last time I posted, I thought I'd reach out again.
My (peanut/egg) allergic son's 2nd birthday is coming. I've perfected his eggless cake and vanilla and strawberry ice cream. I thought I'd make chocolate but got nervous when I got the Hershey's syrup. I called Hershey, although she was extremely nice and tried to be helpful, I'm left feel scared to try ANYTHING NEW? She more or less told me they can't guarantee nothing happened...I noticed in some recipies from FAN they call for cocoa powder? Has anyone used chocolate syrup? Poweder? I've decided his guests can live w/o chocolate ice cream! Any thoughts?
One more thing, my son has not been snot free
since 10/97, we had him RAST tested, skin tested. He was negative to milk, but his doc
suggested we try removing milk, in 3 days for the first time HE IS SNOT FREE? Go figure?

Posted on: Mon, 07/19/1999 - 4:40am
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pI posted most of this on another thread. Here it is again:/p
pDuring my discussion with Hershey, they said that they use the "may contain" label if an item is manufactured on shared equipment. For example cocoa is made in the same plant with peanut containing products. However, it is made in a different area of the plant and not labeled for peanut. /p
pPersonaly, I feel comfortable using Hershey's cocoa, baking chocolate and chocolate syrup. These products are also made earlier in the manufacturing process. Candy makes me a little more nervous./p
pBy the way, my son loves the chocolate syrup./p
pAlso, please share your recipe./p
p[This message has been edited by SteveW (edited July 19, 1999).]/p

Posted on: Mon, 07/19/1999 - 7:17am
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pMy daughter has had the Hershey syrup without any problem./p
pGood luck with the milk issue. It is beginning to look like we are dealing with an intollerance to milk. I keep hopig it's not going to blow up in my face and prove to be a true allergy./p
pGood Luck and stay safe./p
pMary Lynn/p

Posted on: Tue, 07/20/1999 - 12:11pm
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pOur family has been using Hershey cocoa, andy syrup without any problems for several years. Our 6 yr old son is peanut, tree nut, and egg allergic so we use the cocoa quite often to make cakes and cupcakes. He drinks chocolate milk made with the syrup every day. On another note I'm sorry to hear about the problem with milk. Like the egg allergy we found it harder to avoid than peanuts and tree nuts. We were fortunate that our son outgrew the milk allergy by his fourth birthday. At least there is a chance to grow out of that difficulty. Take care./p


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