Hi, I've been lurking here for 1 1/2 years and am finally posting a question! My son was diagnosed with PA at 22 mos (now 3). I've been so scared to introduce any new foods, especially chocolate. But, he's asking for it now. Are there many people allergic to chocolate? I know there's a huge risk with xcontamination, but what about chocolate icecream, cake or chocolate chips for cookies?

Thanks! Ree

Sean 3yrs - PA, EA Brian 1yr - MA

On Jan 1, 2005

EnjoyLife makes chocolate chips free of the top eight allergens I believe. My kids have just recently developed a taste for chocolate, they are 3 and 4. Before they just didn't care for it, but after a few tries they will eat chocolate chip cookies. I worried about allergies, ds is PN/Soy and I think maybe green beans and kidney beans, but so far he has no problem with chocolate.

On Jan 1, 2005

I would be very careful about chocolate ice cream. So much of it is on shared equipment with peanuts and not stated. My dd had several mild reactions that way, until finally she had a severe one, I called the company and found out it was on shared equipment with peanuts and not stated. I would call the company first if I were you, and assume nothing. I have not given her any store bought ice cream since, and make it myself (and it is a ton of work). After two years of giving her a may contain and not knowing it, I don`t think I`ll give her store bought ice cream for a long long time.

On Jan 1, 2005

I would ask your allergist about chocolate. My dd who is 4 is allergic to dark chocolate but not to milk chocolate. We buy Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. She is also PA/TNA/SOY and other food allergies.

On Jan 2, 2005

My ds tested negative (Rast Ige) to chocolate, but he develops red itchy, excema-like arms. Not life threatening, but definately not pleasant, either.

On Jan 2, 2005


You can chose either way to make your own or to buy prepared ones per allergist guidelines. My DS is now 14 for many years I only bought one kind of vanilla ice cream.

But son's TNA scores went up and I learned the ice cream company changed the line to include item containing TN- but didn't label as may contain.

That's when I stopped ready made ice cream and started making my own with ice cream maker. Did that for about 4 years. Then son outgrew his two fruit allergies and the allergist suggested we buy ice cream (one brand as long as it didn't list any of DS allergies- now now to P, TN, E, shellfish, sesame seeds.( all of these have at one time or another been CAP RASTed >100 most have come down in scores now as he is into teen years.) He is not expected to outgrow any other foods. ( has out grown 9 other foods)

We have had no problems with bought ice cream. But labeling has gotten better and still only use one Brand and read label every time.

There are many homemade recipes for nut tree egg free ice cream. if your other cild is milk allergic I have friend who makes soy ice cream. I used to make double recipe weekly of homemade ice cream. Be careful about ice cream flavorings though because they have nut flavorings sometimes run on same lines as other favors.

Take take and hope this helps you think through choices but remember to talk with allergist that you trust.

There are many egg free nut free recipes posted on PA I am very careful about cookies- make mostly only few bough prepackaged ones are safe that y DS likes.

On Jan 2, 2005

I mostly buy Hershey's chocolate (morsels, small and regular sized candy bars, kisses, etc.) since I know they have good labelling practices. We have used Nestle tollhouse morsels (regular and mini size) without any problems too.

I am a bit leary about ice creams since most don't label for risk of cross-contamination. If you live in Canada, you can buy Chapman's ice cream. Unfortunately they are not in the U.S.

On Jan 2, 2005

Since you live in the USA, I would recommend Hershey's chocolate, as they use allergy warning labels on products that are not safe. [img][/img]

On Jan 2, 2005

Ree, I have read that a true allergy to chocolate is rare. Of course some people are allergic to it, but I don't think it is a big risk. If your child is already allergic to peanuts, the greater risk probaby comes from tree nuts, other legumes, and some of the seeds, especially sesame. But chances are good that these won't present a problem either.

On Jan 3, 2005

I use Betty Crocker cake mixes/frostings and Hershey chocolate chips. I do not allow my PN/TN allergic son to have store bought chocolate ice cream. I bought a Cusinart ice cream maker to make our own.