My daughter just skin tested negative to cocoa. Since we have been ultra conservative with her allergies and since she is allergic to many legumes, we have always restricted chocolate. She is now anxious to try chocolate...any advice. Her main allergies are peanut, soy and a number of beans. Thanks

On Jun 13, 2004

I dont have any suggestions about the chocolate but I am glad you mentioned it. My son has had a reaction to peanut and tested positive on the RAST to soybean. I took him off soy just to be sure and his eczema has cleared up. About two weeks ago he put a piece of bean in his mouth (and spit it out) and had a few hives pop up on his face. I never thought about chocolate being a legume but the other night he had chocolate rice milk and was up all night. He really hasnt eaten much chocolate as he is on 17 months old and has a milk allergy as well as peanut, soy and possible egg. I do not know if he was tested on the RAST for other legumes but because of his reactions so far I have been avoiding peas and beans with him.

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On Jun 14, 2004

My DS is PA and the only chocolate I keep around the house is Hershey Kisses and Oreo cookies, the origional one's not mini.

On Jun 14, 2004

I'm assuming you're in the US? We keep plain chocolate kisses, caramel kisses and plain 1.55 oz hershey bars.

for other chocolatey stuff we use hershey choc. syrup, ovaltine (not the malt flavor), and we were able to get some swirlwich which has a chocolate flavor.

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On Jun 14, 2004

You can check with vermont nut free chocolates.. not sure if they have soy in them.. we buy hershey kisses and hershey chocolate bars... my kids love em!

On Jun 14, 2004

Given her other allergies, I would suggest maybe making some homemade brownies? We have always used Hersheys Cocoa (sp?) w/no problems, and use their equivalent (listed on the container) for bakers chocolate.