Chips Ahoy Unsafe?!?!

Posted on: Sun, 03/25/2001 - 10:44am
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pMy son has been eating Chips Ahoy cookies since we found out about his PA because we called the company and were told they label "May contain" if there is a possibility of cross contamination (factories vary). Well, I was in the store today about to buy some when I noticed right next to the regular Chips Ahoy was a new product "Chips Ahoy with peanut butter chips". I picked up the bag and could literally smell the peanut butter chips. I was disgusted. I checked the label on the regular Chips Ahoy to see if there was a warning, but there is not. Both varieties were probably made in the same place though. I guess I need to call them. Those were the only chocolate chip cookies my son was allowed to eat and now he probably can't have them. I am so mad! It seems like so many companies are producing new peanut- laden products. UGGHH!/p

Posted on: Sun, 03/25/2001 - 11:53am
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I did call the cookies in the blue bags are made in a different place I was told. And the blue bags are safe, but to keep look on the back to make sure nothing has chaged!


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