Chinese restaurants

Posted on: Sat, 11/24/2001 - 2:11pm
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We eat at Chinese restaurants all the time and have never encountered one that uses peanut oil. When we first discovered my husband's PA we inquired at our favorite Chinese place to eat. The manager told us that no respectable Chinese restaurant would ever use peanut oil. When I expressed surprise he emphasized that he was right about this. At every different restaurant we do always ask but have never yet found one that does use peanut oil. And we have never had a problem with any cross contamination from Kung Pao Chicken. What a relief. We love Chinese.

Posted on: Sat, 11/24/2001 - 6:01pm
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I think another concern is that some chinese dishes actually have peanuts in them. Also, I've heard of them using PB to seal egg rolls, although I don't know this for sure. We avoid chinese restaurants because my dd is also TNA and they do use lots of almonds. Our local restaurant also has a few peanut dishes.

Posted on: Sun, 11/25/2001 - 1:20am
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Hi Keiko5: where do you live? Can we move there?LOL! I love Chinese food, live in the Chicago area, and can tell you that there is either peanut dishes and/or peanut oil at many, if not most of the Chinese restaurants in the area (including well known, well respected establishments). Just curious where you are at. Take care!

Posted on: Sun, 12/02/2001 - 12:13pm
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Hi Kelly,
We are in Arizona, Phoenix area. I was as surprised as you about no peanut oil, but I have never found any Chinese restaurants here that use it. However, I do always ask because you just never know. We have eaten eggroles OK. I also asked recently about PB in anything--like sealing eggrolls and such, and can only say that I got a very strange look. Like-- what are you talking about, woman!
I have to wonder if Chicago has more "Americanized" recipes. We are on the west coast where there are lots of Asians. Anyway,we are happy to be able to eat Chinese without stress. I hope you can find at least one.

Posted on: Mon, 12/03/2001 - 6:32pm
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Keiko-I can understand about them not using peanut butter in recipes, but do they use actual peanuts? The chinese restaurants around here have a couple of dishes where they use peanuts. Also, they use almonds in lots of recipes and my dd's allergist said all nuts might have the potential for cross-contamination with peanuts since many are processed in the same places.

Posted on: Tue, 12/04/2001 - 2:00am
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My comfort level is very relaxed compared to some people on this board, but we NEVER go to Chinese restaurants peanut oil or not. Those woks are not washed after every preparation, so if a nut dish is made right before my fried rice, then there is contamintaion. Not worth the riask as far as I am concerned.

Posted on: Mon, 12/10/2001 - 6:44am
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I've excerpted this from my posting to another thread, because it seemed relevant here too. [img][/img]
I noticed a comment about the cross-reactivity of a common egg roll ingredient listed here:
Here is the actual quote:
"It has been suggested that taugeh (bean sprouts found in egg rolls) crossreacts with peanut and can cause peanut-allergic patients discomfort."

Posted on: Thu, 12/13/2001 - 3:03am
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Toronto, they dont use peanut oil, and i think the pb in the egg rolls must be like the same idea of pb in italian tomato sauce (never heard of this), but i did inquire at the restaurant and they said that peanuts or almonds are added after the dish is cooked and sprinkled on top as opposed to cooking with it (maybe this is not done everywhere), so that was good, but anyway, several times we have eaten at two different places without any problem (and we do mention it to the waiter every time who also says he has many customers with same problem).

Posted on: Thu, 03/28/2002 - 11:15pm
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Don't eat in the Norfolk area. Most restraunts use some form of peanut oil or peanut butter. I just got out of the ER last night after specifically asking if the restraunt uses peanut products. I was told no. When I called back to inform them they would be recieving my medical bill they then told me they use peanut butter in the gravy, but no peanut products. If your going to open a restraunt in the USA you should be required to understand the language.

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2002 - 1:01pm
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My daughter ended up in the ER several years ago from me mistakenly believing I had become too paranoid about pa and chinese restaurants. Although the restaurant did not cook in peanut oil they did seal their egg rolls with peanut butter. One bite later my daughter was having trouble breathing. We never eat chinese, japanese, thai etc out anymore - and since my kids thought they were missing something I have learned to make wonderful egg rolls with them. It's just way too risky.

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