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I have a four year old with confirmed peanut allergy. I am excited about a Chinese Herbal Remedy from Mt. Sinai. I have faith in it because it is from a major research hospital. Dr. Li has discovered FA-1. It contains 15 chinese herbs. In mice studies, peanut antibodies were reduced by 50% and anp. shock symptons were unseen. No news on human clinical trials. They are trying to find out which of the 15 herbs did the job and get the pure herbs from China. Mt. Sinai has applied for a patent. One article said it would be available as a food supplement next year? We need to all get behind this. Type in Mt. Sinai research or go to the net and type in "peanut allergy + FA-1". Lets all pray for this cure along with the others - vaccine and Anti-IgE shots. Notes: Watch out for pet foods - no reaction ever in 4 years until we got a gerbil and my four year old got into his food (contained peanuts) Small hives and sneezing through skin contact and inhalation. Also we use a product called Soy Butter. It is jest like peanut butter. Schools should use it. Available at Health Food Stores.

On Jul 6, 2001

Check out the "Living with Peanut Allergy" section of the discussion board and open the thread entitled "Multiple Food Allergies" which in the second or third to last message talks about a chinese remedy that resulted in resolution of eczema. Waiting to hear more.

Here is some of it:

He also has RAST tested positive to timothy grass and house dust mite. He had severe ecezma from a few weeks old which culminated in us wet wrapping his limbs for seven months last year as the condition just go worse and worse. Having tried everything including homeopathy we tried our last resort - chinese herbs. He is at the end of a three month course of treatment and his eczema has gone - a miracle and something which has transformed our lives.

On Jul 6, 2001

Sounds great to me. I have more hope for that than the other "western" cures. The anti-Ige possibility has me worried about side affects. This sounds good.

On Jul 17, 2001

Hi Ramona

It is my posting that AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis is referring to. Visited Chinese doctor last Friday and got into discussion on food allergies. She seemed to be saying that Tom should no longer react to food allergies - she wasn't very clear - language difficulties but I am hopeful although not going to try - will wait for repeat CAP Rast in a few months time.

Anyway, the eczema is gone (he is on two more weeks very low dose treatment) - the doc is a perfectionist - she still thinks there's a bit there. I'm hopeful that chinese medicine might provide a cure for food allergies because Tom's treatment seems to have 'reset' his whole system. He is no longer always hot, he drinks water/fruit juice (before treatment hardly drank anything at all) and he no longer flushes after exercise (mild exercise used to result in a very red face). I don't know what to think - I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

On Jul 17, 2001

I think this is very interesting!!! Keep me informed. Kim

On Jul 18, 2001

Dear Ramona, Do you have a website for the Mt. Sinai Research? Where can we get more info on what the research is? THanks

On Jul 19, 2001

Kellyhensl, Sorry took so long. It took a while to relocate that Mt. Sinai info. It doesn't say much on the research at their site. I just wanted to confirm that it was in fact being done after seeing the articles on the net. You can type in Mt. Sinai School of Medicine or [url=""][/url] Go to search and type in Xiu-Min Li, click on intro.allergy.shtml. Scroll down to Dr. Li's name and click on it. This just basically confirms that she is researcing the Chinese Herbal Remedy. Other sites give more info.- [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] Also I e-mailed Dr. Sampson for an update on FA-1. He said that it would be at least a year before human clinical trials could begin on FA-1. I wish it could go faster as our children are in constant danger. That site for Mt. Sinai has Dr. Sampson's e-mail. He has always answered me promptly.

On Jul 22, 2001

JHarris, Please let us know when you get your RAST results. Ramona

On May 8, 2002

Has there been any update to this sudy? Any further results? Anyone else have any personal experiences?

On May 21, 2002

We decided not to have CAP rast testing again - our son gets very distressed when the ped takes blood and we don't want him to become needle phobic!

We did however do skin prick tests last summer and they showed a positive reaction to peanuts and other allergies.

However, on the bright side,he has absolutely no sign of eczema - has been clear for 9 months now. Although this was obviously never life-threatening it did cause us (and him) much more stress and distress that his food allergies ever have.

Having seen what Chinese herbal medicine can do for one allergic disease which conventional medicine deems incurable, I have hopes that a cure for food allergy can be found in this area.