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Has anyone heard in the last few weeks about the status of the research involving the Chinese herbal formula? It sounded very promising to me, too. I had even heard that human trials were expected to begin in 2006. However, just last week I heard at a conference that the study had run into some snags and that human trials would not begin for at least two more years. I hope that's not true! Does anyone have more positive information?


On Apr 5, 2006

I have heard more data from the latest meeting in March. Dr. Sampson's group has done some more about the herbal formula. They analyzed each herb separately and looked at the property of each one (turned out that you probably need all 9 ingredients to have full protection against anaphylaxis). There was also data that after initial course of treatment, the mice started loosing protection after about a year, which could be restored after repeat treatment.

This sounds good to me. I'm not sure about the status of the human trial but know that they need an approval from FDA first, as this will be new drug for new indication.

Maybe someone that knows more can let us know?

On Apr 6, 2006

Thanks, Sirimon. I had read that FDA approval could possibly move more quickly than it does with other drugs because the herbal formula is classified differently--as an herb. One commentary had indicated that the formula could possibly be available for general use within two years. That was the most optimistic timeframe on a new treatment approach that I had heard. I was disheartened to hear later that there may be some snags now, causing availability to be much further off in the future. Hopefully, that was misinformation. Does anybody know more?