Chinese Food.....beware!!!!!!

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Of course most PA people know about Chinese Food. I'm wodering what those who really enjoy it are doind to make sure everything is safe when they go out to eat??? I used to go once in a while, and just tell them to not use ANY nuts.....but I found that IS NOT ENOUGH!!!! I had a seroius reaction. Obviously I am not eating Chinese out aat all right now, i am living in fear. What steps are those out there with a PA taking to be safe with Chinese food. I would think many of them are aware of this problem...

On May 16, 2000

My son is PA and loves Chinese food. We go to the same place and order the exact same food. I know there could be a risk of cross contamination, but he has been fine so far. We eat there about once a month. I know I am taking my chances, but he likes the food and I watch him closely during and after his meal.

On May 17, 2000

My son's never been in a chinese resaurant. Once we went to a Thai place and he had plain chicken and plain rice and I stressed to the waiter about my son's pa. Everything went fine, but i was a wreck!!

A few months ago we went to a local restaurant (Fuzio's) for the first time. After scanning the menu I noticed a lot of peanut dishes. The meal was fine but on the way out we passed by the food prep area and I saw bins of peanuts and realized how easily cross-contamination or a peanut falling into his food could have happened! Needless to say, we don't go there anymore.

On May 17, 2000

My son is almost 5. I love Chinese food so on occasion we will go out to a Chinese buffet place. My son does not eat there and knows he never will. He doesn't mind (right now at least) because he is not crazy about vegies. We always bring him in his Happy Meal and he enjoys that. I know some stay away from McDonald's but we have never had a problem. Actually, now that I think of it, the last 2 times we went for Chinese my husband gave my son a few pineapple pieces. He has not had a problem but *I* don't like it. You never know where the spoons have been....I like to make my own safe stir fry at home that he will eat but I do include soy sauce. I know there was a discussion about soy sauce on another board and I wonder if anyone has yet found one that is safe. We have used LaChoy and have never had a problem. I don't know if I should make him stay away from it. Tracy