Child care nightmare! Please help!

Posted on: Wed, 02/26/2003 - 8:52am
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I seem to be having a problem with child care. I live in a very small town where there is no daycare and I have a full-time babysitter hired to care for our children. She is really great and she understands all about our daughters peanut allergy, however in the last few weeks she has been sick quite a bit and it has been a TOTAL NIGHTMARE finding another babysitter. One person that I talked to had said that she would not watch our pa child because of her "allergy-thing" as she put it. She said she wanted to stay away! It's like she thinks our daughter has a contagious disease or something.

I was just wondering if anyone has encountered the same sort of problem before.

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Posted on: Wed, 02/26/2003 - 9:23am
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Hello! I haven't faced similar difficulties finding childcare, but have you tried having the childcare come to you? If someone came to your house, you could both be reassured that your child is in a safe environment. Your children would miss the social interaction, but maybe play dates could be arranged with other moms/children you know "get" your child's allergy??? Good luck!

Posted on: Wed, 02/26/2003 - 11:40am
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Our babysitter does come to our home - she is here while we work from 8 am - 5 pm. It is just those times when she can't make it that I need a "back-up babysitter".

Posted on: Thu, 02/27/2003 - 12:35am
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Do you have "Early Years" Centres where you live? (you're in Canada, but I'm not sure if you are in Ontario.)
"Ontario Early Years" Centres are resource centres for Parents and Children (it's not daycare, but has daily interactive free programs and drop in time for parents and tots 0-5years old). They also hold alot of resource material on child rearing, and have resident experts come in to chat to moms and dads about "potty training", "early intervention on speech", "getting to know vaccinations", etc.
Our Early Years Centre is open during the day, evenings (kids love showing up there in the early evening in pj's for the "bedtime storytime")and weekends so it's really convenient for a parent who works to drop in and check out their resources.
The reason I mention it, is our Early Years Centre in town has a book of tried and true local home daycare providers - complete with references - the centres won't specifically recommend certain people, but it provides a little starting point for parents, rather than having a parent put a blind ad in the newspaper looking for substitute babysitters.
I hope I've helped. Warm regards.

Posted on: Thu, 02/27/2003 - 1:17am
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This is a long shot, but if you have a hospital or nursing home in your town you might post a sign there asking for someone on a part time basis. Frequently there are aides and nurses that might be willing to babysit. I only suggest this because we found a retired nurse that comes to our home once in awhile. I'm a SAHM so I certainly do not have the desperate situation that you are facing.

Posted on: Thu, 02/27/2003 - 10:32am
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Childcare is often such a problem for working moms and it's a triple whammy when peanut allergies are involved. You definitely don't want 'Miss allergy-thing' anywhere near your child. I'll like Sue's idea to post in your local hospital. You might also want to advertise in your local newspaper. Relatives are always good if you're lucky enough to have them close by and they are with-it when it comes to PA. Sometimes the local library also has resources. Good luck with this.

Posted on: Sat, 03/01/2003 - 5:42am
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We do not have "Early Years" where we live. Is this something that is in Ontario or all over Canada because I've never heard of it?
Unfortunately, my parents aren't close by. One lives in another province and the other in another town an hour away. My husbands parents are in their late 70's and are not physically capable of taking care of a 6 & 3 year old. I've tried the newspapers and postings but I come up short...I have to be sure that this is someone I trust completely. It just seems that luck is not on my side!

Posted on: Sat, 03/01/2003 - 6:02am
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Have you tried the paper. Maybe there is another mom at home with an allergic child not able to work due to the same reason.
I did this once and found someone to come into my house. I also found another family who would drop their PA child off at our house and we shared the cost of child care.
Good luck I know how hard this is.


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