Chick-Fil-A & Great Steak & Fry Co.


AFter a trip to the food court in our local mall, we found out that they fry everything in 100% peanut oil

On Sep 11, 2004

There have been tons of posts about these businesses. As far as Chik fil A is concerned, despite the fact that they use peanut oil, they do a wonderful job of alerting consumers about that use. They have a good web site with info regarding allergens in their food.

I've said this before, I don't care what restaurants put in their food, as long as they let me know what it is so I can choose to eat there or not.

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On Sep 12, 2004

My son had a slight reaction after eating at the mall one day just sitting at a table...the food court was small and only had McDonald's (which we were eating at), Chick-fil-a and Great Steak and Potato company. I was shocked to also see that they use peanut oil too. Luckily, we had McDonald's, but he broke out in hives on the way home so I assume I didn't clean the table well enough and he reacted to some residue. Needless to say when going to that mall we eat before hand or after.