Chick- fil-A (cook with peanut oil)

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My (PA) son and I went to Chick-fil-A Restaurant and in fine print it said they cook with peanut oil. I was bother that the sign was so small.

On Dec 12, 2006

I get the impression from Chickfila that they think the risk is minimal because they use highly refined peanut oil so the peanut protein is not supposed to be present. To me - peanut is peanut and we avoid. Even circus peanuts (the orange marshmallow thingies). Not sure if they are PA safe or not, but it says peanut. Want my son to be very clear on that subject!

------------------ Mommy to Aiden (1/26/05) PA,TNA, wheat,barley,milk,egg, and pea and Connor (7/21/06) with no allergies

On Dec 13, 2006

Both my allergist said that Chikfila was safe. It was my sons favorite place. In fact before he had his reaction he ate chikfila and m&ms, but we know for a fact that his reaction was from 2 huge peanut butter cookies that my sister made. I miss chikfila, but I do get him the grilled chicken, fruit cup and lemonade. I do not eat there with him because of the odors from peanut.

On Dec 13, 2006

When ds was first diagnosed, our allergist told us that domestic, highly refined peanut oil is usually safe for people with PA. (I now know that's debatable.) We did eat at Chikfila once or twice after the diagnosis. We let him eat Krunchers, too (potato chips fried in peanut oil). He never had *any* symptoms, but my dh and I were nervous wrecks each time.

We quickly decided that it was just fast food (or junk food) and that it wasn't worth even the small risk to my ds--not to mention the stress it was causing dh and me, worrying after every exposure. And as Jennifer mentioned, we wanted to make the lines of demarcation as clear as possible for our ds and also for our family and caregivers and that allowing in only certain kinds of peanut oil would be very confusing. So, no more Chikfila or Krunchers or other peanut oil things. You know what? We don't really miss them.

And LOL! to the Circus Peanuts! I hadn't thought of that one. We have had some confusion about the Peanuts gang (Snoopy, etc.) and "packing peanuts" (which my Grandma used to refer to as "ghost poo"). Ds recently told me that he was glad that packing peanuts were safe for him because they are so fun to play with!

~Jenn DS Ryan (4.5) PA, DD Morgan (20 months) NKA

On Dec 16, 2006

we don't eat there, just in case. even if it was safe, i don't think i'd want to encourage my girls (two of the three are PA) to eat somewhere that had the word peanut associated with it - particularly while they are small. i'm trying to teach them to avoid that word, period, at this point in their lives. sometimes i may send them mixed messages, though i hope i don't. to me, eating at chick-fil-a (sp?) would be sending them messages that could be confusing to them. that's just me though.

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