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I was just checking out the ingrediants of stuff at Chick-fil-a and noticed that the "Chick-n-Strips" and "Nuggets" contain peanut oil. It says it's fully refined blah blah blah and I don't know what that means. But just wanted to share this with everyone else. *I did not check the entire menu as I stopped after spotting the oil in two menu items.*

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On Oct 29, 2002

I have never eaten their food, but I have always been aware that they use peanut oil!

I am glad you posted about this since I believe this company is expanding and they are also opening a free standing location near us...and possibly others around the states.

Watch out for Chick-fil-A......PEANUT OIL!!!!

On Oct 31, 2002

Yes it is always good to have reminders. Chick-Fil-A is in all our major malls here. I bought some of those disposabe place mats so that I can lay them on the table in the eating area. I am sure there is peanut residue all over the place from chick-fil-a and from steak escape which also fries in peanut oil).


On Nov 17, 2002

I was so sorry to learn of Chick-Fil-A's use of peanut oil a few years ago, but they do clearly label things to let us know. The sandwiches are the best, and their play areas are the cleanest. The toys are educational (we've seen Between the Lions and Veggie Tales toys). And their advertising is hilarious! It was my favorite fast food place.

Initially we were told by our doctor and elsewhere that regular peanut oil was safe, because it no longer had the enzyme that causes trouble for PA folks. It was cold pressed peanut oil we had to worry about.

For the longest time, everytime we pulled up to a C-F-A, DS would beg not to eat there. We didn't even attempt a trip there for about a year, and the next time I pulled up, there was no resistance. Well, DS got hives all over his face after eating a chicken nugget. So we don't go back--and we assume that regular peanut oil is NOT safe (he also had an anaphylactic reaction after eating some chips at Panera that were cooked in peanut oil before we realized it).

On Jan 18, 2003

we took our girls fairly often to chick-fil-a when we lived in memphis. i was less aware of the risks with PA then and didn't even realize they fried in peanut oil. thankfully, we never had a reaction there (which i find amazing). as soon as i became a little more educated, we stopped eating there immediately. i figured that they fried the protein out or something and that's why we didn't have a reaction. i'm still not really educated about what types of peanut oil are the most unsafe. we avoid it all now anyway. maybe we just got really, really lucky when they ate at chick-fil-a. anyhow, i wouldn't let the girls eat the food there again just to be safe. too bad though, it was a very kid-friendly place (other than the peanut oil). joey