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Chick-fil-A fries all of its items in 100% peanut-oil. One good thing about them is that they clearly print this fact on all of their wrappers.

On Aug 23, 2001

Problem being that if you're close enough to read the wrapper, you've already purchased the product. We ran into this 'way back when.' I think if it were really important to them from an allergy standpoint, they would be well served by a few posters or placards, or a note on the overhead menu.

(For our part, it was a long-day-tired-mommy-2000-miles-from-home MISTAKE, and honestly probably the only time I hadn't asked about ingredients.)

I do like the chain as a whole -- and ate there fairly often during pregnancy -- but think they could do better in this area.


On May 13, 2002

We have been told about this also - we just don't eat there but it is a very popular fast food place in the South.