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I read somewhere that plain Cheerios contain almond meal, and haven't been able to find out from the web site if that is true or not. I'm allergic to almonds and have eaten them with no problems....but I'm curious. Does anyone else know?

On Sep 21, 2002


Here's the ingredients list, straight off the box:

whole grain oats (includes the oat bran), modified corn starch, corn starch, sugar, salt, calcium carbonate, oat fiber, trisodium phosphate, wheat starch, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) added to preserve freshness.


On Sep 21, 2002

Plain cheerios do not contain almonds. The honey nut flavor cheerios do have some almond product in them.

On Sep 21, 2002

If I remember correctly, multi-grain cheerios has almond flour listed as an ingredient.

On Sep 22, 2002

Thanks! I did read the box, but, we all know how some things are not always listed. [img][/img] I'll stay away from the multigrain ones too then.

On May 15, 2003

Anyone know if the Apple-Cinnamon or Honey-Nut Cheerios are safe for my PA toddler? She's tired of the plain ones and I don't have a box of the others to read the ingredients.


On Jul 15, 2003

I have peanut and cashew allergy and found out last week that my son is PA along with a lot of other FA.

Anyway, if my memory serves me correctly, I've always stuck with the plain Cherrio's because all the other one's had something nut in them.

Do you all think the plain Cherrio's are okay? With all the other flavors having nuts in them, do you think there's a possibility for cross contamination? Guess I should call.

Sorry if there's spelling/grammatical errors. I'm allergic to malt flavorings and had cereal residue that has malt flavoring fly in my face. My neck turned all red, but is now going away after washing my face and neck. Now coming down from my panic attack.

Love this site!!!!!!

------------------ Kaye

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On Dec 16, 2003

My 2 year old PA had a reaction to Honey-nut cheeios, and he did not test postive for almonds, our allergist told us not to feed him any tree nuts, but I thought that was a bit much. Live and learn, I'm a better listener now. Donna

On Dec 16, 2003

Neither Multi Grain Cheerios nor Apple Cinnamon Cheerios contain any type of nut or peanut flour in them (at least in Canada anyway), however both have a may contain wheat and soy ingredients warning on them. I have also called General Mills about these cereals a while back and got the same response.

My PA son is also allergic to almonds and other tree nuts, and he has eaten both of these cereals for years without any problems.

Toll free number for Cheerios products is 1-800-767-5350.

Take care, Rita

On Dec 16, 2003

Have you thought of coating the plain ones. like the way you bake granola --I think its honey & cinn etc.. It would be close