Cheeky Monkey in Newport, RI


Last night we had the most incredible dining experience with our 2 1/2 yr old PA daughter. We drove to Newport, RI to tour the mansions and sight see yesterday and decided to grab dinner before heading back home. We found this wonderful place called "Cheeky Monkey" right near the wharf in Newport. When we asked to see a menu in the lobby area I was shocked to see in big letters on the menu "Please notify chef of any food allergies". I was so impressed that they had it printed on the menu. So, I asked to see the chef and was impressed with his knowledge of food allergies. He assured us the items were safe and even created a little dish for our daughter. (It is not a "family" atmosphere-meaning no crayons or kids menu). Our young waitress was also very informed about allergies and cross-contamination. We had a wonderful delicious meal that was safe and enjoyable! I recommend anyone who is within driving distance to visit this GREAT restaurant! I was so impressed that I am writing the chef a letter to thank him for being so allergy aware!

Two Thumbs up for Cheeky Monkey in Newport!


On Apr 10, 2001

I was telling my husband about this last night and we decided to take a day trip to Newport one of these beautiful weather weekends. Thanks so much for the tip! I love that park in Newport where all the kids fly their kites.

On May 25, 2001

Thanks for the tip, Shandra. We have a dinner reservation for Sunday. They are now open on Sundays for the summer (as well as Saturdays). As of now, they are not open on Monday, even if it is a holiday but that might change. The weather this weekend is not supposed to be good so we may just drive down for dinner drive around the coast a little and then come home. I got an award from work so they're going to pay for the dinner anyway.

P.S. the restraunt just called to confirm my reservation.

On Nov 12, 2002


On Aug 10, 2004

Raising again for anyone who is interested.