Posted on: Sun, 07/02/2000 - 3:58am
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While out in our back yard this morning, my 2 year old PA son came to me with what turned out to be a peanut shell in his hands. I nearly screamed...."yukky mommy?" he said...I grabbed him before he could touch his mouth and took him in the house and thoroughly washed his hands but I have to say I was terrified. So far (3 hours later) he is fine and I am pretty sure that he would have reacted by now given his past history but I will continue to monitor him today to be sure. I assume that the squirrels left the shell in our more thing to worry about in what I thought was a "safe" environment for Wade. Somehow I can't picture myself going to all my neighbours and asking them to please NOT feed the squirrels but I will not allow Wade to go into the yard again without first checking if it is also "peanut free". You all might want to do the same.

Take care,

Katiee (Wade's mommy)

Posted on: Mon, 07/03/2000 - 12:18am
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pI found some nuts on my front porch yesterday morning. I'm also assuming it's the squirrels. I wonder if acorns are dangerous for our children? I have those all over the place./p

Posted on: Mon, 07/03/2000 - 4:27pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

pIt's always something, isn't it? We live in a townhouse. Two townhouses down, peanuts all over their front (I wouldn't call it a) yard, meaning if my kids ride their bikes and fall over, they fall over onto peanuts or if they run on their wee patch of grass, run onto peanuts. We were fortunate, we simply went and spoke with the people who already knew our son was PA and they cleaned them all up. It always has to be bloody something though, I swear. And, I shouldn't be allowed to post after midnight!/p

Posted on: Tue, 07/04/2000 - 1:52am
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pOkay are no longer allowed to post after [img][/img]/p
pMy kids have held acorns and collected them, without a problem. If we all become paranoid we are doing more harm than good [img][/img] Be aware, Be cautious, but have fun too. [img][/img]/p

Posted on: Tue, 07/04/2000 - 6:44am
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Anonymous (not verified)

pMKRuby has hit the nail on the head! Be aware, be cautious but have fun too! Otherwise, we'll all go insane and so will our children. We have four bird feeders in the front of our home. I use sunflower seed and every once and awhile I'll wonder about the possibility of cross contamination. All I do if Jesse helps me fill the feeders is make sure he comes in and washes his hands thoroughly (I have yet to see anything that resembles a peanut in our feed). But then, I'd have him washing his hands after filling the feeders anyway. There are always going to be things that we freak about, like when I went to the circus and stuff, but through this site and dealing with other PA parents/people, we can learn how to deal with stuff like that too. Again, let's go with what MKRuby posted, Be cautious, be aware, but have fun too!/p

Posted on: Wed, 07/05/2000 - 1:03am
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pI agree with that advice! My just turned 5 year old was watching her dad buy a bag of chips from a vending machine at the pool we go to and all of a sudden she yells over to him "make sure you read the ingredients Daddy!" Then she proceeds to ask him when he gets back if there are any nuts in them! I was very proud as potato chips are her most FAVORITE food in the world and for her to even consider not being able to eat them is quite a big step for her. I am also trying to (very gradually) teach her to recognize the words "peanuts" and "nuts". She just got a Picture dictionary for her birthday and she turned to one of the first pages and saw a picture of an almond and asked me what it was. I said it was an almond which is a kind of nut to which she replied "yuck".br /
I was worried that she would be too paranoid about this or not careful enough but she right sort of views this as something "really gross" that could make her sick rather than something really scary. She also views hot dogs the same way! (no allergy there, I just think they ARE really gross LOL)br /
I vacillate between overblown paranoia on some days to letting her live as normal a life as possible. A neighbor of mine (who is very careful about my daughterws allergies) wast elling me that she saw another woman at one of the picnic tables at the pool making pbj sandwhiches and that I should be very careful about eating there. Well, at first I figured, I will never eat at those tables. Then I thought, how am EVER I to know whether or not someone who was sitting at any table, bench, bus seat, etc. had been eating peanut butter or peanuts. So, now, I just wipe down the table with some baby wipes, take a big breath and serve our lunch when we are /
The other things (subway seats, etc) I just have to let go of and have faith. She has never reacted to anything like that before and I don't want her to be a paranoid person living in a /
Its tough sometimes to keep the right balance./p

Posted on: Wed, 07/05/2000 - 1:43am
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pYou just reminded me that I'm supposed to call the fence company and get an estimate today. We have only lived in our house for a relatively short amount of time. Apparently the neighborhood kids have been using the yard as a cut through for years. They're so bold about it, too. We'll be out playing in the yard and they just keep walking and say hi. I do find candy wrappers in my yard once in a while - not PB yet, though. Just found out the my neighbor in the back will be getting a big above ground pool on Friday which isn't required to have a fence around it. So we're going to get a fence ASAP./p

Posted on: Wed, 07/05/2000 - 5:14am
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Anonymous (not verified)

pMom2mom, my son is exactly the same when it comes to reading labels (he's 4-1/2). Last year (so, obviously, at 3-1/2), I purchased a bag of potato chips and he looks at me and says "you didn't read the label". It was true, I hadn't. I knew that it was a "safe" brand of chips, but he still had a very good point, especially with the labeling constantly changing. I truly believe that all of us want our children to be able to lead normal lives and since I hate pb to begin with and seem to be living a normal life (LOL) I think they'll be able to. If I do find myself freaking about something like when we went to the circus, it's an internal freak so that my son doesn't notice. Also, for the first time yesterday, despite him knowing what peanuts look like anyway, I picked up a bag of peanuts in the grocery store (heart a thumping) and showed him the bag and asked him what they were and he said "peanuts". This is what I noticed MKRuby posted that she did with her kids(in her post on "Comfort Zones" in Living with PA). My son almost rolled his eyes yesterday but because it was the 1st time I'd ever even had the nerve to do that he didn't. I'm sure he will next time. And again, the freak I did picking up the bag of peanuts was done internally. I had previously had a girlfriend bring a jar of peanut butter over so that he could see (with the lid still on) what peanut butter looked like. If I keep on with these lengthy posts, I'm going to be banned from posting, I know it!/p
p[This message has been edited by Cindy Spowart Cook (edited July 05, 2000).]/p

Posted on: Sun, 08/13/2000 - 6:55am
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pWe have occasionally found peanuts in our back yard. A week ago, my 3 year old son was digging under the swing set and found a buried empty shell. He picked it up and said "Mommy, here's a peanut". I immediately washed his hands and we had a discussion about touching peanuts. I have never known if he's allergic by touch. I phoned his doctor who instructed me to watch him for four hours. THREE hours after he picked up the empty shell, he began to get hives and had breathing difficulty. He complained that his throat and chest hurt and was itchy all over. He got his epi and wound up in the hospital. What suprised me the most was that it took three hours for the reaction to /
I did go around to all the neighbors and found someone who was feeding peanuts to the squirrels./p

Posted on: Sun, 08/13/2000 - 7:05am
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pThought you may want to know that my allergist told us that if they consume an allergen it stays within the system for 48 hours. My oldest picked up a peanut shell during a school activity...blindfolded, put hands in the box and figure out what it is, yeah I was thrilled...NOT It was his first time ever touching a peanut shell and thank God nothing happened...that was not the place I would have liked him to have a first at either./p

Posted on: Mon, 08/14/2000 - 5:17am
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Joined: 05/28/2009 - 16:42

pSpeaking of candy wrappers........../p
pI *almost* forgot my fanny pack with my epipen last week and my 2yr old daughter reminded me./p
pWhile at the park my son (PA) picked up a wrapper and put it in his mouth. It was a PB Cup wrapper!!!!!!! AHHHHH! I freaked for a second, then got myself together. I was READY. I have my epi, Benadryl with dropper, and cell phone all in my fanny pack. I call it my "neurosis pack" because if it's not ON ME I feel anxious. Luckily nothing happened. And thanks to the PA community, especially, I have the knowledge to know what to do. Thanks again./p


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