Chat Room Experiment

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 2:29am
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Joined: 10/05/2002 - 09:00

Hi, PPL, This is Kim, Synthia's DH, I've been experimenting with creating a chat server for PA related conversations (not to lessen the discussions on this board, but for quicker, more temporary type things and privacy issues where we don't neccessarily want or need our conversations to remain readable forever.

Please feel free to try it and comment. It's not done yet though, and please be civil, no cursing or name-calling !

-- Still love this site ...
-- Kim & Synthia --

New link

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Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 3:28am
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Joined: 02/26/2003 - 09:00

Great idea! I tried to go to it but just when the room loads I get an error and the room closes down on me. (I tried twice)I'll try again later, though...

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 3:32am
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Joined: 10/05/2002 - 09:00

sorry, what browser are you using? I did see you arrive (twice) then leave

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 4:09am
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Joined: 03/14/2003 - 09:00

Great idea! I just checked it out and had a little chat with NutFree. (Synthias dh Kim) I think it would be nice to get all of us to chat together.

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 4:39am
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Joined: 12/10/2002 - 09:00

I just tried it and even though, I'm not too computer literate I managed to "chat". Thanks

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 4:49am
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Joined: 08/16/2000 - 09:00

Cool! Should be very interesting!
(Great talking to you Gail!) [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 4:50am
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Joined: 10/04/2001 - 09:00

OK, I'm a total dork. I couldn't figure out how to "chat". I typed my greetings to everyone, and nothing appeared.
Gail W. and Arachide, don't hate me. I wasn't ignoring you, I'm just lame. When I have more time tomorrow I'll ask my DS to help me out. I'm sure a 12 year old will know how to do it! [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 5:01am
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Joined: 07/25/2001 - 09:00

Great idea, to bad we can't have a happy hour... I loved it..

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 5:06am
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Joined: 07/12/2002 - 09:00

Amy - did you hit "enter" after you finished typing? One of my comments was lost, too - but all the others showed up.
It was fun! Thanks, Kim!

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 5:07am
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Joined: 03/14/2003 - 09:00

OK, I like the happy hour idea. Lets all pick a time, grab a glass of wine and hop on!

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 5:28am
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Joined: 12/06/2001 - 09:00

OUTSTANDING!!!! My very first chat room ! Thanks so much everyone!!!
(Sorry I had to run, MamaBear. Jessie was crying, and when I came back, you were gone. Hope to chat again with you soon everyone!)


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