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What a wonderful advertisement to come across in Today's Parent magazine's July issue for Chapman's Ice Cream (Canadian magazine, Canadian company)"Peanut and Nut Free lines: Chapman's Ice Cream is aware of allergic reactions due to peanut/nut based ingredients in food products and has dedicated selected lines to be made peanut/nut free. Chapman's Original, Light and Checker Board 2 litre ice cream - a total of 27 flavours - are recommended for those who suffer severe peanut/nut product allergies." "For more information on other selected peanut/nut free lines, where to buy Chapman's Ice Cream and much, much more, be sure to visit [url=\"]\"[/url] I'm so thrilled especially because this is the only "safe" ice cream that we can buy at our one grocery store in town. What a great ad though!!


On Jul 2, 2000

Yes it was great to see Chapman's incorporate the nut allergy angle into their ad and how fortunate for us that there is at least one co. that caters to our needs...which in turn affects a lot of people when you think about it. Family birthday party or other occassion, means several people are in tune with the allergy and several families are buying Chapmans or put another way, several families are not buying other ice creams! That goes for so many other products as well.

In short, it really does benefit companies to tune into this market since it doesnt only affect the few who have the allergy, but all the families and friends around the allergic child! In our family alone, this accounts for 12 families just in our close immediate families...multiplied by all the others plus the children at our child's school who have become sensitive to this situation for parties etc. This translates into dozens and dozens of families per allergic child!

Bravo to Chapmans!! Two thumbs up!

On Jul 2, 2000

I actually had to check their website this week when my son was getting a popsicle at school. They provide information on peanut and nut free lines and building and then peanut and nut free lines, different building, peanuts in the building. They're really VERY clear about how they're dealing with peanuts. They're at [url=""][/url] You have made a good point, however, in that they certainly will have increased sales due to their awareness and advertisement of such. But then, kuddos to them!


On Aug 11, 2000

My son is allergic to peanuts and after searching for a while we found Chapman's ice cream about 2 years ago and have been eating it since then - some of their lines are not only nut free, but they are quite good and the quality is great! And you're right, it is not only your immediate family that ends up buying it, but anyone that we end up visiting always asks what things my son can eat - and Chapmans is always at the top of the list, along with Hostess and Humpty Dumpty potato chips!

On Jan 25, 2002

Just a bump up.

On May 28, 2005

Chapman's web site has some great recipes. Here's one from csc's old town.

STRAWBERRY CREAM PUNCH 1 Large can of Pineapple Juice

On Jul 10, 2005

Eating some delicious Chapman's sherbert tonight..... yummy treats!!

On Jul 10, 2005


Originally posted by Codyman: [b]Eating some delicious Chapman's sherbert tonight..... yummy treats!![/b]

We are enjoying the delicious Chapman Super Cones tonight [img][/img]

On Jul 11, 2005

We are averaging a box of cones and a box of sandwiches every week. Plus, of course, various other Chapman products. [img][/img]

On Jul 11, 2005

We (me and my almost 3 yr old) are enjoying the chapmans cones daily. I love the chocolate with caramel center, DS love the banana yogurt on with strawberry centre.


Ali [img][/img]

On Jul 11, 2005

My son will not eat the ones with strawberry in the centre. The first time, he didn't realize what was inside and he thought he had cut his mouth (saw red) and now, he just won't eat them. Guess I should have warned him - I thought he'd like the strawberry surprise in the middle.